Zpacks Bear Bag Kit Review


The Zpacks bear bagging kit includes a 14L dry sack and rock bag made from 1.43oz/sqyd, 50′ of slick zline and a mini carabiner. It’s proven to be a great asset …


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24 Responses to “Zpacks Bear Bag Kit Review”

  1. Ah the love of DCF! Well done!

  2. _Icarus1_ says:

    Yeah Ive had my zpacks bearbag for prob 3 years now and havent had to patch it yet; and Ive abused it fairly well…great piece of gear…Ive had 4 days of food in mine…Im sure it could hold more if needed.

  3. ARO Online says:

    Really want to make the upgrade to this bag…thanks for the review!

  4. Josh E says:

    PSA: there is a ~ 4 week lead time on orders. Zpacks did not clearly state this when I ordered 3 weeks ago, so was a surprise. Plan accordingly.

  5. With the square design, does that leave less room for you to pack your bag evenly? Like, putting heavy items toward the front and lighter items toward the back?

  6. Cool video bro. Thanks for sharing

  7. Thanks for the information on the food bag. The bloopers were funny at the end.

  8. Loved the out takes 😄

  9. Zpacks gear is way to expensive

  10. the cuts made my day lol

  11. Dragon Roams says:

    I have been using a sea to summit and I also don't like the shape of it. The zpacks will be my next food bag choice. Thanks for the review. Love the addition of the bloopers.

  12. Awesome review and thanks for the laugh at the end!

  13. Great review frozen; I have read some places do not allow for a bear bag they want people to use bear cans like in Mt. Whitney and Yosemite National Park? I own this bag and also own the one bear can after my visit to Mt. Whitney where I had to rent a can in town because bags are not allowed there. As far as the food capacity goes it would almost double if you pack the food in ziplock bags; the mountain house ones open it pack it into ziplock you will consume it anyways; carry just one mountain house pouch for dehydration and the capacity may double; it should very well store 14 days this way but I have not tested it.

  14. Good vid Jason… you always kill it on your reviews… you cover it all.

    Thanks for all your reviews.

  15. American says:

    That was a chipmunk not a squirrel

  16. Bri B says:

    I just put reflective tape on the bag itself. Boom, problem solved. Tons cheaper than paying another $20 for Lawson line on top of a $50 bear bag.

  17. Love your reviews, but that’s a chipmunk! Lol

  18. Riley R says:

    What was the name again of the rope you used for the two little loops where your carabiner attaches to?

  19. Tom Frostad says:

    Thanks for the review and bloopers. For the bloopers use Thermacell backpacking Mosquito Repeller. Just takes a fuel canister plug in

  20. So stoked for your AT thru. Crazy that its so close!!!

  21. TainoXtreme says:

    Good presentation and review. Where do you get the reflective cord. God bless you.

  22. Jeff Hallman says:

    Do you use an odor proof bag?

  23. Evan Borden says:

    What a great review. Subscribed.

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