Winter Backpacking the Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail Pennsylvania


The Laurel Highlands hiking trail runs 70 miles from Johnstown PA to Ohiopyle PA. The trail travels through several state parks, private and state gamelands.


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  1. Lucky Hiker says:

    I had snow-clogging problem between the gator strap and my boot sole on my OR gators. I cut the straps off flush with the gator fabric. I then took a 16 penny nail and holding it with pliers I heated it red-hot on a propane torch and seared holes through the gator fabric and strap remnant. The hot nail seared the fabric so there was no fraying. I then used some heavy laces to replace the straps. They have preformed perfectly for several years now. If you have a gas stove in your kitchen you can use that to heat nail or maybe your cook stove.

  2. Lucky Hiker says:

    Also, great vid as usual!

  3. Planning any summer hikes?

  4. scubthebub says:

    The long exposure star shot was a great addition! I always wonder what your view is when you talk about the stars.

  5. Dan Kett says:

    Love the view of the night sky at 11:47. You can see Orion through the trees. Winter hikes are great for views like that!

  6. Mark Parrett says:

    What the equipment that you carry, n how did the z pack hold up?

  7. Is gary planning on uploading his thru-hike to YT? Followup question are you planning on doing a section with him when he gets to PA?

  8. Ricky Bobby says:

    Great new intro Jason. You do great work bud. Glad to hear you have decided to make a run at the AT. Good luck. BTW don't be hatein the ground dwellers man. They are just making room for the future trail Bunny's…

  9. Charles says:

    I'll be right behind Gary! My start date is 2/26!

  10. Great video! Are you going to do a review on the shoes? I just purchased the neo shells for a spring trip. What were your issues?

  11. What trecking poles do you use

  12. doc021 says:

    Great vid. I subscribed to Tim Watson recently as well. From what I can tell you’re an Ohioan like me up here in Stark County. I have a wife in school and 2 little ones. The most I can do now is a night or 2 at the Mohican park and pack sites and that’s it if I’m lucky. For now it’s vicariously through you guys keep it up!

  13. great hike. funny intro! looking forward to doing the lhht this year

  14. I was at Seven Springs today.  There is a lot more snow up there now.  I also had some pizza at the lodge.

  15. Jerry Miller says:

    The video was was creative & entertaining…That hot ass Gary with his shirt off with a back pak on..the always ready MEERKAT and Timmy with the poop trough. 53 min. of educational entertainment. Thanks man. The Butch in Daytn

  16. "look at those morons" Ha Ha HA! I say that all the time when I hike in the winter and end up crossing a road. One of those hikes landed my dumb ass on a 6 mile road as part of the NCT. That day sucked during the road walk portion. Great Video

  17. That looked like fun!!! Good video!

  18. stowe18 says:

    Really enjoyed watching! Looks like the 4 of you have a great dynamic for backpacking together. This was a great vid to show how the LHHT can be during the middle of winter— thanks for sharing.

    Looking forward to following/watching Gary hike the AT! I’m happy for him that he found the opportunity to make it happen..

  19. Great intro! I always like watching videos of winter camping. Makes me wish we had a little more snow here in Tennessee. Thanks for the video!

  20. Another great video. Love seeing you guys getting a group hike. Those shelters look really cool. Can’t believe Alex went ground dwelling. Lol

  21. littlenel17 says:

    great video…i live in nj are there any good places to hike farther east pennsylvania? This seems too far for me to drive for my first time out hiking.

  22. is it only me or the camera flickers?

  23. uptrail71 says:

    Have you ever watched Gator Miller? He hiked the AT few years ago and then continued to the Canadian border. After a long break he will start soon a hike from the Florida Trail to Springer. He was one of my favorites to watch! This is a link to his new video.

  24. Altra insoles are absolute garbage. The first time I wore my lone peaks, the insole in one shoe bunched up in front of my toes and was super annoying. I now wear them with no insole and they are much better.

  25. Man I wish I could have joined you for this one!  Looks like you guys had an awesome time!

  26. Yong Jian Yi says:

    I have a Darien myself, 1.2 robic very and light weight.

  27. Bobby Loesch says:

    Love your videos! Thanks so much for sharing.

  28. MRo says:

    You did well with your layered UQs. Layered down under quilts formula to try: 40*F Phoenix UQ-(70*F-30*F EQ UQ)/2=20*F
    The big variable here is that not all manufactures use the same amount of loft for the same temperature rating and the fact that the quilt you are using over the top must not compress the insulation you are using that is up against the hammock bottom. You may need to extend the length of the suspension for the UQ that is closest to the ground.
    Here is your inspirational quote: "No Mind, no problem!" Have you ever tried Turmeric instead of "Vitamin I"? Were those, gunshots starting around 41:20? Your comrades seemed like wonderful folks to bring along. Well done, "Frozen".

  29. Thomas Zabel says:

    Loved the video. Not quite 10 inches of snow though. I was hoping to see more snow so Tim could do an instructional video on using the poop trowel when you're snowed in.

  30. Nick DeWald says:

    How has the BRS stove held up? I am very interested in it but have heard that since it is only supported on one side of the canister that it is prone to bending the nozzle of the fuel canisters and leaving you with a spilled pot of food/water. Would love to spend $20 rather than $60 (LiteMax)

  31. Atlas918 says:

    Excellent skit at the start of the video. Way to bring it strong. A great adventure as always.

  32. Quite your job and hike the AT with Gary. Thats your buddy, you should hike with him. Once in a lifetime man.

  33. Pack Mule says:

    Awesome your hiking the AT. I'm hiking the JMT in two years. I will be 50 and have a family so I can't be gone for too long. I think when I retire I might hike the AT and PCT. If I'm still living that is.

  34. potatothorn says:

    FANTASTIC!! been waiting for a trip from you and the guys.. Love the intro.. so nice out there, lots of little funny stuff, and great info too. Very good tip about leaving the firewood under the shelter for others.. crossing the skiing and shooting, interesting stuff! Gary's laurel highlansds trail channel hahaha… i wouldnt mind if you came back here again always nice in this area… thanks so much for taking us with you another awesome hour outside

  35. Excellent video. Just received my warbonnet blackbird xlc hammock. Also just got my Chill Guerilla tarp with doors. AT is planned for Feb 1, 2019.

  36. Tell gary i use a small piece of cabanet/dawer liner under my pad to keep from sliding in my duplex a 1'x3' piece works for me not much weight either

  37. Ah man! I love this trail. I'm hoping to do the whole thing either at the end of this year. Back around Halloween I did from Rt. 30 to Seward solo and it was amazing. Perfect time of the year when the leaves change. Great video. I'd love to do some Winter backpacking soon. In the meantime I'm probably going to solo Oil Creek in the early Summer. Keep up the great videos man!

  38. Eric Ostlie says:

    Really liked seeing all the guys! Collab hikes are cool. And yes now we have seen every corner of the Larel Highlands as done by Outdoor Adventures. Keep up the good work.

  39. Yeah I wouldn`t worry to much about the Smokey`s using a hammock bud.. I rocked a hammock through there, there was only like 1 night that the ridge runner "made" us sleep in the shelter.. but some times the "cool" ones asks if you have a hammock or not.. and you could always just mail you a sleeping pad or something at Fontana Village before entering the Smokey`s.. I also def. say take the plunge and get your butt on the AT.. its a life changing experience and the more you put it off the more that little seed in your brain will keep growing until it drives you bat-shit crazy and you HAVE to take the plunge, not to mention you don`t wanna do it when your 60 and barely able to walk ;-).. hope it helps

  40. NJ Chris says:

    What really happens when you try to plan a trip ..
    Friend 1 : Hey dudes, Wanna go hiking/camping next week! Snow in the forecast.
    Friend 2: Cant man, I have the baby
    Friend 3: Nahhh man, I gotta work that overtime.
    Friend 1: Well how about friend 4, hes always down.
    Day comes
    Friend 1: Hey dude, you ready to go.
    Friend 4: Cant bro, Im sick..

    Stays at home and watches videos of other people having fun

  41. boulder89984 says:

    The open sequence reminds me of 70's porn movie acting.

  42. Billy Wohl says:

    Dude, as always, awesome video! You do such a great job filming, narrating, and entertaining! I love how real you keep everything. Watching your videos reminds me so much of my own hikes and camping trips with good, goofy friends. Keep up the fantastic work! And good luck on the AT through hike whenever you get around to it! Cheers!
    Oh and I forgot to ask… I'm not too knowledgeable in filmmaking, but how do you keep your camera from being so shaky as you're hiking? That's one major flaw I want to eliminate in any of my future videos.

  43. Hey! I am heading for a 2 night trip to The Laurel Highlands in a couple of weeks. I'm so excited to go! I would have never heard about the Laurel Highlands if it wasn't for videos, even though it's only an hour from me. Thanks for making your videos! I love watching them!

  44. Absolutely love your videos. However, when Gary takes off his shirt, it's more than I can stand and i end up skipping to your next video. Don't worry, I'll continue to sub and I'm a loyal fan… just please ask Gary to keep his shirt on…..

  45. My state is so beautiful

  46. stowe18 says:

    Hey Frozen— any recommendations for a restaurant to eat at after your hike near seven springs area?

  47. I have done a couple sections of the LHHT now. The Ohiopyle section is no joke!

  48. Watching an old video getting nostalgic…go Britney Spears..The AT has a calling…The love of the Trail touches your soul….can”t explain it but I understand…mine 2020 …Can’t wait to watch ur journey 😀

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