Winter Backpacking at Pictured Rocks Michigan-January 2017


January winter backpacking at Pictured Rocks Michigan with the hammock. Backpacking, Hiking, Gear Review, and Outdoor Activities.


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30 Responses to “Winter Backpacking at Pictured Rocks Michigan-January 2017”

  1. Wow, just what for hard guys … :))) For woman much too cold …. 😉 Nevertheless, a very nice and scenic tour through great winter landscape, also beautiful landscapes along the water, good explanations of the equipment. Best greetings from Germany, Angela :))

  2. Yankee Liv'n says:

    Nice job awesome view, any mosquito problem? lol

  3. thanks for taking us along for the trip would be to cool to get out and do a backpacking trip in the snow the snow never stay around long enough down here to plan a trip i have the gear to camp down to -10f the lowest i've ever camp was around 0f
    thanks for sharing your trip uptrial71

  4. Love the videos. Keep them coming. I was born and raised in Ishpeming (in my earlier years) and then lived just below the bridge. I left Michigan for college in 1990 and have never moved back. I visit every summer (I'm spending a week in the Sylvania Wilderness this summer) but haven't winter camped up there since the 80's in Boy Scouts. I backpacked Pictured Rocks in '88 as a sophomore in HS. I hope to do it again with my sons. Again, keep the vids coming!!!

  5. Dang, it looks cold man. I need to do some cold weather hiking and camping.

  6. Native Tearz says:

    Kentucky Woodsman sent me!!

  7. Steve LFZ says:

    Wow!!! Great hike and video. I hiked there in summer 18 months ago and always wondered what it looked like there in winter. So now I know and it is as awesome as I thought it would be. You mentioned how much warmer it is this winter…isn't Lake Superior usually frozen over by Feb 1st?

  8. This was entertaining. We would love to over night in that weather, but we don't have the gas money to get out of Texas. LOL. Keep on hiking. Fun stuff.

  9. Mr Mach 1 says:

    Kentucky Woodsman sent me your way. Had to sub your a Michigander lol. The wife, daughter and I was at Pictured Rocks back in Sept. We have Property in Manistique .

  10. awesome adventure, man. Beautiful snow but some tough conditions with those kinds of temps and high winds. Glad all your gear held up for you.

  11. thank you for sharing. i love winter camping. Mark

  12. Look's like you had a great time my friend beautiful country

  13. Well brother this camping trip made you live up to your name for sure. Seem to be a lot of uphill walking. And one thing about being that close to the Great Lakes you're going to get that lake effect snow for sure. Seem like a pretty nice little camping area and that T01 by ThruNite seem to work pretty good for you. One things for sure when you get up and put your foot in that snow filled boot it'll wake you up LOL. A lot of those waterfalls look really cool when they're frozen over like that. I would deftly say it was a good time and it was good to hear that your under quilt and new top will did a pretty good job with all the wind. Thanks for sharing my friend.

  14. Nice video. I came here from Kentucky Woodsman's channel and subscribed. Beautiful area. I shoot videos on my channel of my hikes through the Mississippi River valley in Minnesota with my wolfdog and German Shepherd if you like hiking with dogs.  🙂

  15. potatothorn says:

    WOW that was some trip ! Roxana and i are cold just watching but so beautiful and looks like you had the whole place to yourself.. Hammock definitely looks like the way to go in that weather. lots of cool ice waterfalls and just / like at the end there, the snow covered forest is really nice. Hoping to make a quick run to the snow myself soon but it wont be as bad ass as this trip/ man it pretty much snowed your whole time out there!

  16. Joe Explores says:

    Heck yeah! Glad that flashlight came in handy. 👍😀 thanks for the shout out! Best regards, Joe

  17. Steve Miller says:

    That little frozen waterfall @ the beginning is just incredible!

    Good stuff! Keep the water-bottle between the legs @ night! 😉

  18. Beautiful trip, thanks for bringing us with you. As a CA native, not sure I could last long in that without a fire following me 😉 Excited for more, subbed to not miss it!

  19. its nice and excellent presentation my dear friend… like it!!

  20. Great to see your genuine winter backpacking video, as opposed to my recent trek in Tennessee where the conditions weren't so cold. I really liked the lake views and your commentary along the way. Great video.

  21. I had almost forgotten what snow looked like!

  22. Wow, Alabama has nothing on that, lol. I can't even imagine what it would be like being out there with those strong winds coming off Lake Superior. What a truly beautiful place. Loved your winter hammock setup. Thanks for taking us along Bob. -ATB Adam

  23. Memory Camp says:

    Beast conditions, respect from FL.

  24. forest hiker says:

    Mountain House beef stew is my absolute favorite camp meal…. Your video is very informative a good example of how we can survive in cold weather (In which I prefer!). Can-do spirit and the sheer desire to be in this magnificent place. Well done! ** I see you were here shortly after I had hiked the Eben Ice Caves, and I highly recommend you experience them! They will not disappoint.

  25. I absolutely hate the cold.

  26. High in 20's. Thats crazy warm for January U.P here. (Get it U.P here.) I live in Newberry Michigan not far from there.

  27. Do you know what the conditions are currently this time of year? I wanted to backpack here Easter weekend and set up a shuttle but as I understand alot of the access roads are closed to vehicles this time of year so I might be limited to an out and back hike…

  28. A88mmck says:

    Nice video, I give you credit for even driving to the trail head in January .👍

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