Wild Camping On Dartmoor with Hike (Vango Mirage 200) – Merryvale Area – Full Video


There’s not that many spots in England or the UK where it is legal for a spot of camping in the wild, but luckily for Nath and Trev, Dartmoor is one such place. Our first wild camp on Dartmoor…


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25 Responses to “Wild Camping On Dartmoor with Hike (Vango Mirage 200) – Merryvale Area – Full Video”

  1. I don't know why but the gas part was even funnier the second time around Lol 😬
    ATB Mike
    #StayCornish 😬

  2. Awesome; great to see the full adventure 👍🏻

  3. Clayton says:

    Loving the videos lads and the banter , Brokeback mountain , lol .

  4. Janine Hesp says:

    Fantastic video – I must get out to this part of the moor soon!

  5. that was brilliant Trev and Nath! really enjoyed that! I'm inspired to go to that area and do a similar walk and wild camp. from what I gathered roos tor looked the best to camp on. think I saw at least one nice spot for a small tarp and bivvy. what do you think? cheers guys

  6. Wye Explorer says:

    I think training is key Trev in hiking well. Some good squats, lunges and running. Can't shock the system as you both muted there. You two are great hiking buddy's…a good vibe all the time. It's that groovy thing I reckon – the rhythm amid amazing country and trails! The water bladder? Go with platypus – a simple solution. I had one of them other bladders and I don't use it now. Tastes shit. Ben Nevis – go for it. Wanna see that. Listen to the moor……fantastic outing. Mark.

  7. Alex hillman says:

    Thanks guys , enjoyed it

  8. Dave Vaughan says:

    Great vid guys and looked like a great day and camp.
    ATB, Dave

  9. Great video. Really enjoyed watching that. As for the water bladder, try filling it with a solution of bicarbonate of soda and leaving it overnight. Give it a couple of rinses and that should do the job.

  10. Get on gents, my first time viewing your channel after hearing you getting lots of shout outs from the youtube community and i can totally see why after watching a few of your vids, now on to the back catalogue. Subbed. Great hike and wild camp pity about the shitty farts 😂😂. Atb Sconja 👍

  11. A long video, which I am sure I have watched before but still an enjoyable one. I had to laugh at the video start when your headless body was taking to the camera. For years, whenever the missus took a photo of me, there were always major body parts missing, I used to have a complex I had some horedious disfigurement, I was not aware of! That mist came down quick mind and an early night in the tent must have been a mare, especially with all that gas flying about lol! I also had to lol at the comment, so looks like an early night……. Errr, you seen Brokeback Mountain then?……….That would have been me off, running through the mist, screaming for the missus lol! Great watch, cheers Alan

  12. TOM OUTDOORS says:

    best video you have done so far guys! i absolutely loved it and found myself howling with laughter at certain points! it perfectly captured the spirit of wild camping and took me back to my first one. your's will be a memorable one mate, brilliant stuff! congrats! and sorry i've only just got round to watching it lol atb Tom.

  13. Tony yates says:

    Loving the vid lads, "Summit or nowt" would have catcher name though, still, who gives a monkey's chuff, good craic.

  14. Best wild camping videos on Youtube.

  15. Been a while since I see this lol. Brilliant

  16. Excellent vid lads, watched in preparation for my own wild camp I'm planning this spring. Looked great fun

  17. My 'Missus' keeps asking me why I keep watching your videos. My reply is simple. They are out there having a great laugh in all winds and weathers and enjoying the freedom! Wish I was with you! Really 'Joyed' it Trev and Nathan and especially the wild camping. I'm definitely dusting off my lads DofE Vango Tempest tent in the very near future and heading down to the Moor! PS. Even the 'missus' wants to come now!

  18. pilgrim3 says:

    Fair play to you Trev. The difference between your backpack and Naths is night and day. You did well to carry it around with that weight. Great vid. Really enjoyed it.

  19. How do you rate the banshee over this tent great videos laying flat out with a bad back for a week you guys made me laugh and that hurts right now thanks for all the laughs truly insperational

  20. MsSteve70 says:

    Brilliant video chaps! I very much look forward to catching up with others on your marvellous channel. Take care, Steve

  21. Enjoyed this video – then why not check out more Wild camping videos from Summit or Nothing – like this one… Our Wet and Windy Winter Wild Camp On Dartmoor – https://youtu.be/G-mRlIEuRsY or the sunnier Hike and Wild Camp around Yes Tor – https://youtu.be/VZZY3MCwBL8

  22. Harry Parks says:

    you guys are knobs, had to check again if it was 1 or 1k, there must be 1k knobs subscribed

  23. steve cour says:

    That was great, cheers lads, subscribed 👍

  24. How many takes did you do before you got through the Brokeback Mountain sketch without laughing? It cracks me up every time. 🙂 And what's that eerie music you added at 39:45? Inspired choice.

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