Why Your Next Shirt Should Be Merino Wool | Best Material for Travel Clothing


Did you know that merino wool is often called “nature’s magic fabric”? In this video, we discuss what makes merino wool so special and why it may be the best …


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12 Responses to “Why Your Next Shirt Should Be Merino Wool | Best Material for Travel Clothing”

  1. Josh says:

    0:17 is that your wife or girlfriend? She's beautiful!

  2. Great topic! I'll have to check these brands out and throw some support your way. I have a bunch of Icebreaker shirts and they are great in Mexico's humidity. I don't recommend their underwear but their socks are ok. I live in the Texas Panhandle and the shirts are also great for our hot dry weather and the cold winter months. I work on a ranch and also do carpentry and the only wear issues I've had are from snagging things, the Velcro on my toolbelt and just wearing down because they didn't mention that you aren't supposed to use detergents with enzymes in them. Those detergents are the ones you get at health food stores.

  3. Can I throw it on the washer?

  4. Ms. C. says:

    Nope ! Go to REI coop and get some exofficio T-shirts and underwear … I have a bunch and in sunny 105F in Austin Texas … They are above the price range but when it comes to quality , they deliver it all the way.. I can travel with three pieces of underwear and a bra and feel comfortable: I can wash in the bathroom and it’s ready to wear in the morning .

  5. Great video! I actually bought a merino wool shirt when I was in Vienna. I can agree they aren't very durable. My merino wool shirt started showing wear and tear after wearing a relatively light backpack. Love the material, just wished it was a little more durable! I might have to try another brand to see if it is a little better :-).

  6. Jose Perez says:

    Super value, Ernest ! Great tips another great review in the bag ! great shirt buddy looks awesome.

    Jose P.

  7. JC Williams says:

    Great video! I sure should have gotten one of these before we went to Russia… We are currently here and all my synthetic shirts stink so bad! Haha keep up the great work!

  8. Great Video , I like the leather day pack which you have in this video. Where did you get it from ?

  9. Joe Carey says:

    Just picked up a few Of these shirts tonight based on your vid. ? For you. Did the two companies send you 190gsm or 150gsm? Thanks

  10. Mark Pollitt says:

    I would say that Merino Wool is truly outstanding. I live, work and play in the United Arab Emirates. I am a teacher and wear Merino Wool everyday, comprising of Makers & Riders Wool trousers, Wool & Prince button down shirts, Icebreaker base layer T shirt, XTM Boxers and Smartwool socks. They are amazing in combination work the school day, and my play days they are fab for trips into the desert and mountains or general days in and around town. They dry quickly, need little if any care with the iron, and when I am traveling are light and pack real small. The humidity here in the UAE is crippling at times, but they cope well with it as well as the high temperatures. Truly is natures miracle fabric. If the buddhist have it correct I believe that reincarnation as a Merino wool sheep will be karma. Love the stuff

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