What to take on a high altitude trek


“Carrying a backpack on a trek is not difficult, if you know how to keep it light and comfortable. For that, you should know exactly what to pack in it. The first thing to keep in mind is…


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38 Responses to “What to take on a high altitude trek”

  1. Rishiraj Deb says:

    hi Swathi….do you guys conduct goechala trek?

  2. Informative as well as cute, video.
    Really helpful for people(such as I) trekking for the first time..

  3. Ashish Rawat says:

    Do you recommend cotton layers??? they don't dry out as fast as compared to non cotton layers.

  4. Hi Swathi
    your videos are extremely helpful. I am planning to go to Goecha la Trek in late Sep 29 i belive, could you please help with the rucksack that i need to carry and trek shoes suitable for the trek ?

  5. please visit uttar kannada dist and may upload beautiful w ghat forest

  6. iamishwari says:

    Hi swathi.
    I want to know about the treks in manali..
    Does india hikes trek on the basis of age groups?
    And are the treks included with fly to destined place?
    Answer soon!

  7. very informative video☺

  8. Hi Swathi. Great video! But why haven't you included trekking shoes in your list?

  9. Umer Farooq says:

    too many items…. over loaded

  10. Hi swathi, i cannot wear sunglasses as I wear glasses, so are there any alternatives for sunglasses

  11. very helpful thankyou

  12. how to join these trekking clubs plzz suggest

  13. Hi Swathi …Nice to see Trekking is interested in India too.When I was in India …I was not aware of it.I am from Hyderabad but Living in San Diego now.Can You please let me know what are the best trekking places in Southern India if you have any map or pdf maps or any links…

  14. for bottom. just carrying 3 pants enough? just trek pants? what if it rains? do ponchos save pant from rain?

  15. Hi Swathi .
    very helpful thankyou
    i like this video very much.


  17. any moisturizer for extreme cold while trekking

  18. if the vieo was short my time woould be saved very much

  19. rhea gandhi says:

    Could you make a video for winter treks of January? I'll be going to Kedarkantha in Jan

  20. i would like to give advice forwinter trek,just try to bring hot water bag ,it wii make you keep warm if you place it over your chest

  21. October Boi says:

    And then there is Bear Grylls who just carries a knife and a cup☺️

  22. Mar Gil says:

    First layer should be a thermal underwear.

  23. aditya kumar says:

    Hi swathi , what are ready to eat food items that we can carry usually on 5day trek??

  24. Tq😁highly appreciated mm

  25. Where is a fixed blade knife or atleast a pocket knife?? The Most important tool.

  26. Pied Piper says:

    i want to join your team

  27. Hey Swathi… I have been referring to your videos as I am preparing for a trek.. thanks alot for such valuable information…

    I have a quick question.. how much in KGs can a 70L bag hold ?… Just want to evaluate if I have overloaded my 70L backpack beyond its capacity..!.. looking forward to a quick response. 🙂

  28. Karan Monga says:

    Watch the enthralling experience of walking on the Zanskar River – The Chadar Trek 2018 #ChadarTrek #ZanskarRiver #Documentary #Travel

  29. Battle BOYS says:

    I want to join, how can i?

  30. Superb informational video👍 very helpful swathi mam👌👌💐

  31. A tent, stove, utensils and most importantly…And this i repeat, do not forget ur whiskey flasks at home. Some fine single malt mates.

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