What are Zip Up Shoes? Introducing the Timberland Radler Camps | Timberland


After you’re done hiking, one of the first things you want to do is take off your boots and relax. Introducing, the Timberland Radler Camps–a lightweight zip up …


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  1. I bought 4 pairs! 2 for my wife and 2 for me, Where I live, they're on sale, (70% off sale) very good deal, saved a lot of money. Some say the zipper pull tag is a problem on it dragging on the ground, well I just found a way to solve the 'dragging on the ground' problem, fold 'pull tag' back into the ring, it should stay there, (should be shorter now. If still touching ground, use thumb to push tag's end in ring a little) so now it won't get dirty or pee soaked in public toilets for example!

  2. ….Actually folks, there is a kind of hole for the pull tag to insert into, (behind the zipper head base.) I haven't even worn them outside yet! So Iā€™m still experimenting on this 'pull tag' dragging on the ground problem, anyone else got a way to solve it, WITHOUT cutting it off?
    My "folding into the ring" doesn't work to well, it comes out easy, (tried in my home walking around.) :O(

  3. Frease says:

    I have 2 pairs and I love them. But after I injured my ankle, the weak cloth support my the side makes my ankle hurts after a while. So if you have weak ankles, you might want to re-consider šŸ™‚

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