Update 27: Mosquitos and Bears in New Jersey


Dixie is still playing catch up in New Jersey. AT Gear List: Take A Thru-Hike: Dixie’s How-To Guide …


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20 Responses to “Update 27: Mosquitos and Bears in New Jersey”

  1. Chad Holland says:

    liking how there is more fear in your face from the mosquitoes than the bears 🙂

  2. Erin Eubanks says:

    Ah, Billy Joel. I think 'We didn't start the fire" and 'It's the end of the world as we know it' from R.E.M. remind us of our recent and not so recent past. Love it!

  3. I happened to be on the on that bridge yesterday, driving though. Being that I live in NJ I've hiked to all of those overlooks shown and seen my share of bear. They are all over the place here. NJ actually has some nice places. Many people don't realize it's not all refineries and warehouses.

  4. Haha My dad was a history teacher. He made his HS students memorize that song, and then write their own new verse. 🙂

  5. John W says:

    FYI, Delaware Water Gap is one the seven natural wonders of the world, not NJ.

  6. Brian Miller says:

    whats the tower called?

  7. mikatu says:

    gosh.. i would say I hate jazz music if jazz was even music…

  8. We didn't start the fire!!! I know all the lyrics also haha

  9. I'm asking the question to anyone who hiked the AT or have knowledge about it : does Dixie had more hotel nights than an average thru-hiker? Just wondering, because hotels in Canada (prov. of Quebec) are quite expensive (usually 100$/night, 50 if you half it with somebody else). Watching all the vlogs, it seems that Dixie is doing it a lot, must be expensive even if its worth it I'm sure! 😮

  10. David says:

    Did you ever get ticks? How did you deal with Lyme Disease?

  11. I’ve watched every video on this playlist until now, and I’m looking forward to the rest of them. Thank you for documenting it. It’s inspiring.
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  12. We Didn't Star the Fire! It was always burnin' since the world's been turnin'!

  13. Jennifer Z says:

    I know this is a couple years late, but I have a few week long backpacking trips planned this summer in ny and pa. In June July and August. How hot or humid was it? Did it get cool at night? Trying to figure out what clothes and sleeping system is needed there. Thank you!!! Enjoy your new adventure.

  14. I think you should carry mosquito repellent. Deet. – Thanks for sharing. I know it slows you down to film – don't trip!

  15. Darling your killin' me with that tour of the great Apple Pie Bakery ………………… Y U M !!!

  16. Time stamp 5: 45, The way your wearing your shoulder straps. It looks like your hiking nude or at least topless……………… LOL !!! just saying !

  17. Long live Billy Joel !!!

  18. Geri Tisdale says:

    Misquotes always bother me. I will be outside for 5min and have a few bites on me that swell up immediately, but they won't bother my wife any. When we're out hiking, I typically have to either wear a long sleeve shirt, or long pants. I've read that they're attracted to specific blood types, as well. I never leave the house without bug spray, especially in the summer.

  19. I used to live about 13 miles further into New Jersey from High Point State Park, but moved away to Florida in 2006. It is beautiful in that tri-state area.

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