Travel Patagonia by Drone in 4k (Best of the Patagonia Expedition)


For me Patagonia is one of the most beautiful travel destinations on earth, to showcase this I created a montage of the best drone footage from my recent trip. My Guide for Chile:


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38 Responses to “Travel Patagonia by Drone in 4k (Best of the Patagonia Expedition)”

  1. I could not click this video fast enough. This footage was AMAZING! So beautiful.

  2. Amazing landscapes !. This land shared between Chile and Argentina is in fact a world heritage and it is our responsibility to protect it. Many thanks for these magic images.

  3. Lieber Steve, wie schön das jetzt alles noch einmal zu sehen! Dank deiner Videos von Patagonien vor 3 Jahren habe ich mich inspirieren lassen und habe mich 2015 auf den Weg nach El Chaltén und zum W -Trek zu den Torres begeben. Vielen Dank dafür.
    Cheers, Eckhard

  4. Rafal Glaz says:

    Thanks for the video! It makes want to go there even more now haha

  5. What do you use to edit your videos? Awesome stuff!

  6. Mihai says:

    Great video, Steve! Regarding the special permits from the park rangers can you quickly walk us through the process? Was it common sense or a more complicated process?

  7. Cat Goddess says:

    Wunderschön!!! Tolle Aufnahmen!

  8. Absolutely breathtaking aerial footage as always! This whole Patagonia Expedition series has been incredible 🙂 Thank you, Steve!

  9. der eine says:

    erstmal: klasse video🖒.
    ein vorschlag bzw. bitte, könntest du mal ein video zu deiner ausrüstung hochladen. damit meine ich nicht deine kameras sondern vielmehr dein rucksack, welche klamotten etc. damit man mal eine vorstellung von dem hat was man selbst für ausrüstung auf so einen trip mitnehmen sollte. das wäre eine große hilfe

  10. beautifully crafted video

  11. Nevin Xavier says:

    Hey is it allowed to fly a quadcopter in torres del paine national park… i am planni g to travel next month and was wondering if i cud take some shots

  12. TD. G. says:

    wow, danke für dieses video! mir war vorher gar nicht bewusst wie schön diese Länder sind.

  13. misamisatv says:

    Now THAT'S what a clear blue sky is supposed to look like! with no haze…

  14. SofScope says:

    Amazing place! The stuff dreams are made of. Very professional video and good choice of music, it made the whole film EPIC!

  15. Hi! I'm from Chile, and I hate to say that you have enjoyed it more than me… I worked in Patagonia for 6 moths and I visited some places in the National Park, but just that… This summer I want to go backpacking and visit all those amazing places in Chile, from North to South… Your videos are fantastic, and I would really appreciate if you could share some of your "in Chile experiences" with me. Regards.

  16. BRIAN MOLINA says:

    …y pensar que, que algunos quieren instalar represas, hidroeléctricas…, partir el bosque en dos con torres de transmisión….etc…

  17. BRIAN MOLINA says:

    Muy buenos videos Steve !!!?, gracias por compartir…, saludos desde Concepción–Chile. (conociste los bosques de araucarias cerca de Temuco ?)…buena suerte. !!!!

  18. Hi!!! thanks for the video, the landscape is amazing. How mucho time did you spend in Patagonia? or maybe how much time do you think someone should take to do all the carretera austral? thanks

  19. Drew T says:

    Amazing content! I'll be down in Patagonia region in a month and your videos have really gotten me fired up. What is that road that you are walking on at about 2:25?

  20. tajhay says:

    Great Video! Nice edits. Whats the artist and name of the song?

  21. Fred Bryla says:

    Steve I just discovered your video and loved it – especially the music. I have searched Audio Jungle but no luck finding the song. Can you recall any info on artist/title so I can find it? Thanks!

  22. Los chilenos no conocemos Chile. Pero sea como sea, todos aquellos que somos patiperros, alguna vez hemos realizado viajes con una pura mochila al hombro, por los más reconditos parajes humanos y de la Ñuke Mapu. Nuestro desafio es hacer esto mismo, pero tomando registros de alta calidad, para acercarlo a nuestra gente, y que algún día los chilenos conozcan Chile.

  23. Nice work dude! When was this shot?

  24. Hi,

    I'm a journalist, working for a website called Demotivateur (
    I would like to know if I can use some parts of this video to create a short film/video content about the place and post it on our page and social networks.

    Of course, you will be credited on screen and tag on it.

    Thanks a lot 🙂

  25. Hi. How many days are necessary to do this expedition?

  26. I'll pm m pm pm hi ch hi 8i I 7

  27. Michael Wan says:

    Hi there! I'm not sure if you'd know the answer to this since you are flying a Phantom 3, but do I need to register the Spark for traveling to Patagonia/Chile? I want to bring my Spark but I was reading that you need to register the drone and obtain a license or customs will stop you at the airport. Seems that there are very strict drone rules. Various forums also indicate that you need a flight plan to submit to the authorities (Dirección General de Aeronáutica Civil (DGAC)). I've also read that the Spark is a small enough drone that it does not require these things to fly. I'm so confused! Thanks!

  28. por que no grabaste mas en paine? y solo la base?

  29. Están parejo de lo dos lados igual es hermoso el paisaje.

  30. JoCa Gil says:

    Amazing! Thanks for this great vision!

  31. ray channel5 says:

    Hi BackPacker Steve I am working on a Travel documentary for UK broadcaster Channel5 and I'd like to discuss whether it's possible to feature some of your footage – please could you email me on

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