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21 Responses to “TOP 5 HIKING GEAR PICKS — Tag”

  1. Thanks for playing along Don. All really good stuff and that little grin at the end says it all. Haha

  2. Good 5, lightweight gear looks solid, tonybis awesome guy for sure

  3. I like your 5, definitely awesome picks. One of my favorites pieces of gear that you and Tony @ blue collar backcountry always have with you is those adventurous smiles, that tells me you guys love being out there on the trail. Seriously do like you gear choices 👍🏻 I gotta try those socks

  4. CJ T says:

    Great spot, I really enjoyed seeing what you rely on when your on trail. It really helps to see what you are using and works, verses trying to figure these things out at the outfitters. My knowledge of gear is dated and my oldschool gear is way heavy. I have made some improvements, but I still have a way to go to be ready for my thru hike attempt. Your commentary on your tent and quilt were very helpful and I am going to be checking those out. Thanks again for taking the time to post and make these videos, I always find yours to be so enjoyable. JT. from Oregon

  5. hikehunter says:

    Darn Tough and the spork are 2 of my 5 gear picks as well. Good video , sir.

  6. Gaia's Pupil says:

    Lol, enjoyed watching

  7. Hey thanks for the tag Don! Enjoyed your top 5. I’ll be getting that out real soon!

  8. Love that quote from Earl Shaffer. Nice gear picks. I’ve got Loner’s book—full of useful information. And I like Gary’s book too.

  9. Loner2012AT says:

    Hey Smilin' Don! Cool video and it was fun seeing your pics, especially that one of your favorites was your spork! Thanks so much for the shout-out for Painted Blazes (+ great review on Amazon). Also thanks for tagging me, it does make you think about what's in our packs and look forward to doing a video. However I won't be able to match your awesome graphics and video production! Great job! Loner

  10. I liked subbed and turned on post notifications mind checking me out

  11. Rameman says:

    The AT was something i always wanted to do Don,some hike.A bit closer to home is the Camino de Santiago which is another great hike/pilgrimage.Seem to remember a countryman of yours,Bill Bryson,wrote a good book once about the AT,The lost continent was also a good one by him.Hope all's well over there.

  12. Thanks so much for the shout out!! I truly appreciate your kind words and now the pressure is on to make a new video. This should be a lot of fun and it will give me a chance to mention some of my favorite hikers as well. Take care and I will let you know when I make the video, gonna give it some serious thought.

  13. I am now sub 309 thanks for your sub

  14. snowy matrix says:

    Great gear picks! I have the darn tough and sawyer items! 🙂

  15. Llamateurs says:

    Nice selections! 😀

  16. John McBride says:

    Nice intermission , also nice top 5

  17. Tom Wigren says:

    Thanks for the look at your favorites. I use a tarp tent as well which is a pyramid style from Mountain Laurel Designs. Good video but I only made it halfway to the fridge for a beer during the quick intermission.

  18. Marty McShay says:

    Nice gear choices, Don. Anticipating more footage from the beautiful OT.

  19. CJ T says:

    Must be on trail somewhere? I hope your okay, I've gotten used to hearing from you through your videos. JT. from Oregon

  20. Senja Aldee says:

    Here to drop like and support my friend and nice shring

  21. Chicken Hues says:

    Love the video and I'm looking into those socks! I learned a lot from this video and if I ever go on longer hikes I'll be sure to take your picks along!

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