Top 10 Best Cities to Visit in USA during Winter


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11 Responses to “Top 10 Best Cities to Visit in USA during Winter”

  1. M B says:

    your background music is terrible can I say terrible for this type of show

  2. Disneyland is not in LA. It's in Anaheim

  3. Nimo Ool says:

    You forgot minnesota

  4. Sam Hicks says:

    This voice kills my ears

  5. Your Voice sounds like siri

  6. So I'm guessing this was originally in another language and is being read by Google Translate. I can give a pass on that, since the list is good. However, it would have made since to show shots of the cities during the winter, since that is the topic of the video. Most of the film is from the late summer in these areas, Santa Fe and Salt Lake for instance look completely different than shown there in the winter months.

  7. Bruce Reid says:

    Tucson az. Best all around warm

  8. Eric Gee says:

    MUSIC! OMG! Loose that aggravation. Couldn't watch the whole video.

  9. RedPower 360 says:

    Why do you never listen to us

  10. The video is slow .. not crisp at all .. boring at the same time . Also the background music sucks

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