Thru hiking the Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail – 6 days 70 miles


Join me for 6 days and 5 nights on the LHHT in southern PA. I start on Sunday Sept 21, and finish up on Friday. The hike can be done easily in 5 days, but I …


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  1. Excellent video bro, Have to keep that positive spirit. What was that battier bank you use? I need a better one for my adventures. I look forward to seeing more of your adventures.

  2. Ken H. says:

    Thanks for you efforts in presenting your trek on YouTube. Your filming and explanations are well done. I also recommend your video to anyone who is wanting to watch it while walking on a treadmill.

  3. Ken H. says:

    Typo error on my last post: Thanks for your efforts in presenting your trek on YouTube. Your filming and explanations are well done. I also recommend your video to anyone who is wanting to watch it while walking on a treadmill.

  4. Josh Miser says:

    Thanks for this video! I actually just did this as a 5 day thru hike with some friends last week as my first backpacking trip ever… (not the smartest decision). But I did it, and this video was great for helping me know what to prepare for!

  5. Elaine Yuen says:

    exhilarating beyond comprehension

  6. Jbird Perez says:

    You did great . . . big high five !!

  7. D Fuller says:

    Was Bigfoot throwing rocks at your shelter making you wake up?

  8. boulder89984 says:

    Can't believe somebody disliked. Great hike and what a positive attitude. Good work!!!

  9. Great, especially with no tent! Nice trip tho.

  10. Was the total cost in fees? Do you have to use the camp sites ? or can you set up off the trail ?

  11. Louis Arroyo says:

    Youre selfiestick broke? and you dont have any ductape? What kind of hiker are you lol just busting ur chops homie 🙂

  12. quillyaid says:

    good job dude I know the area very well We snowmobile up there in the winter . We usually start at rt 31 head south to Ohio Pyle turn around head north to Walats (rt 30) in 5-8 hrs 70mi.

  13. quillyaid says:

    I have an extra sled. but there's no snow right now. I bet that beeping. noise you heard when you were at rt 31 shelters was that rock quarry about a mile from there over by hidden valley ski resort

  14. Kirk b says:

    fantastic video. you show a great appreciation for the simple things. thanks for your effort filming. you video seems very natural even though filming takes alot of effort!

  15. John P says:

    Love the idea of having audio books to listen to, i'm going to do that now. I usually just listen to music or nature. Thanks for the video.

  16. Gray Hiker says:

    Really cool video!!  Thanks for sharing.

  17. Hy Huynh says:

    awesome! makes me want to go to the US and camp now.

  18. Paula Martin says:

    Nicely done. So we were talking about how happy you look when you are done…but you still enjoy your trip. So is the saying, "Enjoy the journey it isn't about the destination true for you?"

  19. Thanks so much for doing this video! Planning on solo hiking this around June as my first solo backpacking trip. I've done day hiking returning to base camp in the Yellowstone/Tetons area. This makes me feel a lot less nervous about my first solo trip.

    Question: at the beginning of the video when you met the logging road, which direction did you go?


  20. Excellent work, thanks for posting!

  21. Retired USMC says:

    Enjoyed your video. I drive under the Turnpike bridge for the LHHT frequently when I go back and forth to MD and always wondered how nice the trail was. Do you know of any shuttles that will take hikers from a start point back to your vehicle for those that do not have local rides?

  22. Edogawa1117 says:

    Great video.
    Really enjoyed it,very inspiring and relaxing!
    Thank you for sharing.

  23. Adam Nicolai says:

    I just came across your channel and have been enjoying your videos. I'm just getting in to backpacking and have found your videos to be entertaining and very helpful. I especially like when you do the "how tos". Keep up the great work! I'm in the Pittsburgh area and saw you're doing a meetup. Unfortunately can't make it but would definitely like to hear more about Raccoon Creek. Cheers.

  24. Tim Watson says:

    Had to rewatch this when I saw you were going back. Might have to add this to my list! ?

  25. Jean Robert says:

    U have 2 pay 4 this trail?

  26. Great video mate :0 Im subbed, keep up the good work 🙂

  27. Vaughn Black says:

    Another great video My man. I know what you mean about too much tail mix, did that on the Black Forest Trail. I'm up near Scranton, PA. Hoping to get out to do the Susquehannock trail system in September. Keep on Hiking…

  28. Awesome video! I'm just starting to get into hiking and loved watching your experience. In these 6 days outside of that one guy by the lake did you ever see anyone else?

  29. Another great video. Always enjoy them. Interesting to see what these eastern trails look like.

  30. shugardad says:

    Congratulations! I bailed out at Route 30. It was during a brutal heat wave. I hiked about a mile up to Walets Bar.( new name now I think ) Called a friend in Latrobe to come get me. Drank buckets of ice water and lots of beer. Like you I only saw one other couple on the trail.

  31. Awesome video my wife and I are hiking from ohiopyle to route 30 this weekend. 32 miles we figured we would do half.

  32. Jason, I just came across this video today and really enjoyed it. My buddy and I hiked a little over one-half of the LHHT several years ago and this brought back quite a few memories. You have a lot of interesting stuff on your channel so I just subscribed. Thanks for sharing!

  33. Great vlog! Appreciate the insights. For winter backpacking Laurel Highlands, I've figured out the permit process, can you perhaps recommend a 3 day 2 night route? Hoping to get in Ohiopyle State Park at the beginning or end….Thanks.

  34. AliveAgain says:

    I like his cinematography.

  35. Duane M says:

    Awesome. I can't imagine why anyone would give a thumbs down.

  36. Duane M says:

    I have driven past that footbridge.

  37. id like to try i walked a little ways but wasnt prepared so i turned back

  38. next spring ill try and complete it

  39. Lake 13 says:

    Planning to hike the LH this summer. How much water is available on trail?

  40. firts video i ve watch from you and i subscribe! thanks for bringing us along with u. congrats ? cant wait to watch another video from u tomorrow

  41. Frozen – Thank you for this awesome video. My introduction to multi day backpacking was April of 2016 when my friend and I did this trail from Mile 11 to Mile 31. We stayed at Route 653 and Grindle Ridge. This year we're hoping to pick up where we left off and go from Mile 31 to Mile 52 in State Game Lands 42. It was really cool to see your perspective of some of the ground we covered last year. Hopefully, I am healthier this year for the hike than last. About a week before our scheduled departure, I got a wicked case of bronchitis. I damn near died on a few of the climbs, but the show must go on !!! I look forward to seeing more of the terrain you've covered in this video. Thanks a bunch for the preview !!! — Dave

  42. carmine says:

    love watching ur videos man. sitting at home today on a cold saturday in prague. definitely inspiring me todo some trips. keep up the awesome videos! when's ur next trip with Gary?

  43. Awesome accomplishment. Looked like a great trip, great videos.

  44. Nice video. I had to laugh at the beginning. My niece and I stayed in Shelter 5 at the Rt. 56 shelter area in 2009, and bailed to another because of animals on the roof (or in the rafters/chimney). Or maybe it's haunted.

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