The North Face Terra 50 Backpack Review


This is a review of the Terra 50 backpack by The North Face. It is a great 50 liter pack for travel throughout Europe and Southeast Asia. To Buy: …


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20 Responses to “The North Face Terra 50 Backpack Review”

  1. I just recently purchased this same pack for my first backpacking trip in Colorado. Thanks for sharing! 👌

  2. Morgan Weber says:

    Does this pack have side access into the main compartment?

  3. how many days this backpack do you think is it for?

  4. Soham Paria says:

    can you specify the exact dimensions after filling it completely ? all the webstores are providing different specs . thanks

  5. Hey, I'm considering this pack, but wondering if the lid can be completely removed? Or is it permanently attached on one side. thinking if it can be removed then it might help with the airline carry-on situation. Thanks!

  6. Joel Cedric says:

    another question: would this fit on the overhead storage on planes?

  7. good review, very helpful

  8. This backpack can fit like carry on luggage? Because im gonna flight in some low cost airlines inside of Europe, and i need to know this backpack can fit. Thanks

  9. Norman Davis says:

    Yeah he Adventures and go getters I have a Terra 60 North Face with the rigid insert with the aluminum reinforcement straps in the rigid sleeve is tapered and goes into the back of the backpack for rigidity obviously but I don't know which way to put the the slip support in whether it's the thinner end towards the bottom or the top and the bands are very specific for your back can somebody shoot me a video or something like that and tell me how to get that in certain back

  10. Daniel Pardo says:

    Nice video! I will be travelling for a month to Europe and I was wondering for how long did you travel and if the bag let you fill it enough to do a long trip without compromising its dimensions for overhead storage. I´m not sure if I should buy a 40L or a 50L bag. Thank you

  11. Tuan Anh Le says:

    I am just 1.67 meter in height, is it difficult to carry this backpack ?

  12. Dinesh Limbu says:

    Is there vertical almunium channel

  13. Rafael Mera says:

    hi, 1 question, is the rain cover included?

  14. Great review! Also, do you think this is a good travel backpack for Bangkok?

  15. The 30 liter version has water bottle pockets on the sides but this one doesn't? And the 50l has hipbelt pockets while the 30l doesn't..

  16. Great review, want to see more stuff like that. Helped me a lot in picking a pack

  17. sh bhattarai says:

    I have a 55 a xs/s frame . Do you think I could make it fit as a carry on . Since your 50 did I was just wondering if I don’t put anything on the top it could work out .

  18. mamb321 says:

    did you had issues with the aluminium bar in the back panel, in carry-on situations???

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