The Linville Gorge – 3 Day Backpacking the Grand Loop


The Linville Gorge, also known as the grand canyon of North Carolina, is a wilderness area maintained by the United States Forest Service. It features …


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30 Responses to “The Linville Gorge – 3 Day Backpacking the Grand Loop”

  1. Matt G says:

    Fantastic. Thanks Frozen.

  2. Looks fun… thanks for sharing!

  3. Trail Hunter says:

    Did we see you in the Red river Gorge this weekend?

  4. Lisa Ray says:

    When are you going to surprise Gary with some trail magic?
    Luv the vid.

  5. Uncle Joe says:

    Awesome! I need to do this myself. I have been to the falls, though. You were actually at the top. There are view points further back with great views of the lower section.

  6. potatothorn says:

    57 minutes of AWESOME ….. WOW so many times.. in particular… 24:50 , AMAZing view.. really cool longtime viewer gets to hike with you // too bad he got hurt but im sure it was worth it to him regardless… so many great views of the trail… got pretty rough out there!! so cool you collected rainwater for drinking!! fun bushwhacking and crazy fog.. this one had it all..awesome good times thanks for taking us with you!

  7. Hey Frozen. I watched SBOutdoors video first and was pleasantly surprised to see you show up on their adventure. Seeing the crossovers is really cool and it's interesting to see the two different perspectives on the same hike. I must admit though, IMHO your video was better in showing the scenery and the severity of the hike. Hard for me to admit being a skinny, little Ohio boy and a hater of all things Pittsburgh. 😉
    I also am kinda disappointed in that both videos didn't take advantage of a couple chances to show real world solutions to possible life-saving predicaments that can happen on the trail. The first was how to handle getting your clothes (and possibly your gear) soaked while hiking. The other was how you collected rainwater off of your tarp when y'all were running low on drinking water. Maybe you could do a video on emergency life-saving methods on how to survive in these and other mishaps on the trail.
    Anyway, thanks for your videos. My wife and I both love your advice and your adventures.
    Go Browns!!

  8. Jason Wish says:

    What a great trip!! Loved it! Sizzle that spam up over the fire and its sooo much better 🙂 That fog scene was awesome!

  9. Thoroughly enjoyed it, thanks for taking me along ☺️

  10. Lets hike the loyalsock trail, I tried messaging you on facebook but it didnt work.

  11. Ads Lacz says:

    Maybe one day (just for challenge) you'd like to try trails in Asian countries. Not as long as what you usually do but mountain's are really steep to the point you can touch the clouds, weather is crazy, lakes and stream crossings are fun, and on a good day the view's are awesome 🙂 thanks for this vid!

  12. Linville Gorge the Grand Canyon of the South. Beautiful area. I love going there. That fog was wild That’s awesome that you got to meet up with other YouTubers for a trip. Great video frozen. Keep the videos coming!!! 😃👍

  13. I’ve been using Dream Hammock Raven. Love it.

  14. Duke Palk says:

    High levels of mercury wow! How's that happening. Was offered a job at Fort Bragg building of a VA hospital, found a better opportunity in california can you believe home depot yup that paid way better. Anyway keep on hiking.

  15. One of your best adventures yet. Trails looked rugged for sure. Thanks for introducing me to SBoutdoors.

  16. Joe jones says:

    Started a wow drinking game never said wow again 😂

  17. S. Sagen says:

    You must go back on a clear day and climb Hawksbill. The view from atop is spectacular. It's better than standing on the rim of the Grand Canyon, imo.

  18. Wolf Packs says:

    Badass trip, loved the video! I've been there a few times but have yet to attempt that loop. I took my 67 y/o Dad down Pinchin and up the LGT to Conley cove, my brother and I had to carry his gear. It was a little too much for him but made for an epic trip when all said and done.

  19. splitar says:

    Great video Frozen. When are you coming up to my stomping grounds to hike the Whites?

  20. Hey man, great video and I appreciate all of you videos. I am getting into hammock camping myself and they are really helpful. I was checking out your gear list on lighterpack and noticed that you have different weights than me for some items. For example, your sawyer squeeze with flip cap is 1.27 oz and mine is 3.46 oz or your Toaks ti spoon is .56 oz and mine is .8 oz. I made sure my scale was calibrated so that is not an issue, is there a reason for the differences that I am not getting?

  21. What's the size of the replacement o-ring?

  22. Daniel G says:

    I'm going to be making my first solo up there as soon as it stops raining. Looks amazing.

  23. Vaughn Black says:

    Another great video! I've got to hit this trail…

  24. Nice Video my man, Looks like a great trail !!

  25. Nick DeWald says:

    Sportiva Wildcats or Altra lone 3.5s?

  26. Shawn Caney says:

    Why walk so fast what is the rush

  27. Shawn Caney says:

    U havent been to Massachusetts

  28. Shawn Caney says:

    Oh thats really rad are u the pepsi guy

  29. Shawn Caney says:

    Do u like Massachusetts

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