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The Teton 20F Trailhead sleeping bag is a great option, for SOME people. Here are 3 things you need to know BEFORE buying this bag! Get the Teton Trailhead …


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15 Responses to “Teton +20F TrailHead Sleeping Bag Review – Backcountry Forward”

  1. Thank you for the review.. A little disappointed in your corn syrup.. Should have been Maple syrup.. Hand over your Canadian passports.. kidding. Can't wait for the next upload

  2. Tom Nash says:

    Tyler and Jesse, enjoyed much your start up beauties and next the great review. I explored you both two through Nick Nimmin's videos, my favorite channel. I'm also a you tube education consultant myself. But touched with your knowledgeable and learn-able channel. Thanks for sharing your experiences and of course keep looking forward to the next.

  3. Hello from Switzerland. This is helpful. We take our family camping every hear. Have an amazing day.

  4. Kenneth says:

    I have two of these, I don't like them at all. They are hard to zip up, and the rating isn't honest. It's tolerable to 40F, below that I get cold. I recently picked up their Leef 0 and it's a whole different ball game. I like Teton, I have a lot of their stuff, but this bag is a dud, I hope everyone has a better experience than me!

  5. Great review guys. Really enjoyed it. 😃👍

  6. Alana Weaver says:

    Sleeping bags sold at walmart are too bulky. I brought a Ozark Trails Cold Weather Mummy Bag 0 degrees to 40 degrees and that bag is really bulky.

  7. 7 KTO says:

    Is it good to use in winter

  8. Loe says:

    i used this sleeping bag in -5C and i was cold. it was kinda my bad though coz i was didnt use a sleeping pad. i just sleep inside a tent on the ground

  9. NoodlzInSoup says:

    Sorry But Its pronounced TE-TON not TET-ON. Sorry I had to.

  10. Good honest review. I have the same bag living in Ontario this is not a winter bag . However I do sometimes use a light liner and this does make a big difference in wormth . Overall a good bag for the money.

  11. This is the first bag I bought when I started backpacking and probably the only thing that's still in my kit. Everything else has evolved. Great value

  12. A.J. Hart says:

    I saw this at Outdoor Warehouse for the first time today and almost blanched.

    The main reason I've never been much interested in the second- or third-tier brands when it came to things like a hiker's Big Three is that they have almost always been much heavier and bulkier than the corresponding products from brands like Marmot, Big Agnes, etc.

    For example, I went through a couple of backpacks last year trying to find one that would be worry-free for three nights on Mount Whitney. I ended up with a Marmot Trestles 20. Ideally, if a person wanted to have only one bag, he would likely want a 0- or 10-degree (F) bag. But 20 was going to be fine for that trip, and the best mix of economics, weight, packability and warmth was the Trestles 20.

    This one's only a few ounces heavier and was sitting there at $60 today – half as much as I paid for that one on sale.

    This whole competition thing is really benefiting us backpackers. Time will tell how big of a difference the materials really make.

  13. J H says:

    I think this is good for hammock. yey!!

  14. Gert Vanpeet says:

    Size matters! I cannot use anything under 85 cm with…. Length better 220 as 200. Most sleeping bags are 75 cm…. Coleman is wider…
    My jacket size is 3xl … So not much choice….

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