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Logan Canyon Scenic Drive, Near Utah State University in Cache County

Logan Canyon is a canyon that cuts its way through the Bear River Mountains, a branch of the Wasatch Range, in northeastern Utah. The canyon is popular for … source


Rock Climbing Yosemite with GoPro HD

Watch carefully and keep your eye out for the native Wolf. If you like this video, please SHARE it. Music by Neil Rambaldi. We started 2012 with four … source


Totalpac Camping/Hiking Backpack Review.

This is a very nice medium size backpack for camping/hiking. It has 11 storage pouches/areas. It holds 35 litersThe ability to charge your electronics with it, if you … source


Winter Backpacking at Pictured Rocks Michigan-January 2017

January winter backpacking at Pictured Rocks Michigan with the hammock. Backpacking, Hiking, Gear Review, and Outdoor Activities. source


21 Winter Woodland Wildcamping Tips For Bushcrafters

Zed from Zed Outdoors contacted me, asking me to share some advice and tips for those who are starting out with wild camping in the woods in the winter … source


Go Time Gear Life Bivy Emergency Survival Sack Review Demo

The Life Bivy from Go Time Gear is the perfectly packable emergency survival shelter for your backpack, car, or everyday carry bag. This small package unrolls … source


My Winter Clothing System

While sitting by a lunch fire while out snowshoeing, I filmed and discussed my standard winter clothing system. I explain why I think that layers of wool and fleece … source


How to Protect your Hands Outdoors: Choose the Right Outdoor Glove | Sawback Gear

With all of the outdoor gloves on the market, how do we pick the right ones? In this video, we will show you how to protect your hands outdoors by choosing the … source


Trapped In A Snow Storm/Blizzard In Our RV

Join Us On Patreon! We watched the weather channel, we checked WYDOT and CDOT, We couldn’t find any warnings, in fact, … source


Electric Gloves VS Hand Warmers For Cold Weather Camping | RV Quick Tips

No one likes cold fingers when you are out and about or even settling in for a winter campout. Today Jennifer tests some electric gloves against the chemical … source

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