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Trapped In A Snow Storm/Blizzard In Our RV

Join Us On Patreon! We watched the weather channel, we checked WYDOT and CDOT, We couldn’t find any warnings, in fact, … source


Electric Gloves VS Hand Warmers For Cold Weather Camping | RV Quick Tips

No one likes cold fingers when you are out and about or even settling in for a winter campout. Today Jennifer tests some electric gloves against the chemical … source


Mt Washington Winter Climb

Hiking to Mt Washington in New Hampshire in the winter through the Lion Head Winter Trail. Some falls can be seen at the end of the footage. Hope you’ll enjoy … source



This video is just a rough idea about what Vancouver nature has to provide to its inhabitants. Great city, where you have beaches, mountains, city center and you … source


Flytop 4 Season Tent | Winter Budget Camping

UPDATE: This little tent has gone backpacking in Red River Gorge, Charles C. Deam Wilderness, several state parks and national parks. BUT one of the zippers … source


NASA Spacesuit Tech Aerogel Warm Lightweight Jacket

The warmest jacket that uses aerospace technology The Nasa Aerogel Jacket is the warmest and thinnest jacket on earth. It keeps you warm in temperatures as … source


7 Reasons Winter Camping is Better than Summer Camping

From hateful teenage cyberbullying to grammatically-abysmal political Facebook rants from high school acquaintances, social media can be a pretty poisonous … source


“and then…” the ‘White Art’ of Mixed Climbing in the Cairngorms!

Good settled weather on the 2nd December 2012 for some early season Scottish winter climbing. Despite following me up some hard routes and leading Grade … source


Camping With Steve – Winter Camping With Wood Stove In Ice Fishing Tent

Camping setup in a March Blizard in an ice fishing tent with a wood stove. The setup still needs some tweaking and I have got a new wood stove, more in depth … source


Trail Gear Spotlight – Helly Hansen Odin Veor Down Jacket 2018

Trail Gear Guide 2018 is out now! Here is a preview of some of the products featured in this 100-page special free with the May Issue. Available now at … source

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