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Everest Hiking Backpack – Digital Camo -Review-First Look

Quick Initial Review Of My Brand New Hiking Pack. I Hope This Review Helps People Decide Whether Or Not This Pack Is Right For Their Outdoor Needs. source


This is how a harness is used in rock climbing

A climbing harness is an item of climbing equipment for rock-climbing, abseiling, or other activities requiring the use of ropes to provide access or safety such as industrial rope access,… source


Tinders For Flint & Steel, Long Term Winter Shelters, Wild Camping In The UK | #AskPaulKirtley 46

Welcome to Episode 46 of #AskPaulKirtley, where I answer questions about bushcraft shows and events in 2017, tinders for flint and steel, shelter roof strong enough for snow, smocks vs anoraks… source


Hiking with Wells Gray Adventures

offers up reviews of outdoor gears and services. This is a short clip of some time I spent in the high country with some friends this past fall. Checkout all that Wells… source


Documentary of the First Women to Hike the Continental Divide Trail

In 1978 when 19% of the Continental Divide Trail was “suitable for hiking” Lynn Wisehart and Jeannie Smith set out to become the first women to hike its length. source


An Overnight Gear Review Part 1.mpg

Testing my new gear and reviewing a tarp shelter designed by werb1961 if interested in purchasing one you can email Bill at source


Why Wilderness motorhomes are the best for freedom camping

In a country where every corner brings something new and exciting, it’s not surprising that you will often find a campervan parked on a roadside, lakeside or … source


2012 North Wash Canyoneering Meet Up

Each year we get together in the spring for a Canyoneering meet up in the North Wash. It’s 3+ days of fun, campfires, and of course – Slot Canyons. This is a … source


Hiking Smart: Packing for the West Coast Trail

To better help you be prepared for hiking Pacific Rim National Park Reserve’s West Coast Trail, here is a list of things you need to bring, along with what you … source


Camelbak MULE Backpack Review

The Camelbak MULE has a well-deserved reputation for ergonomics, durability, utility, and design. While a little bigger than many hydration packs, the MULE … source

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