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Changing The Outside Shower to a much improved appliance

Changing the Outside shower to a much more usable and functional shower hose and sprayer. On Amazon: $50 More Details and files … source


Steripen Gear Review, Specs & How to use it

We’ve tried to include everything you could need to know about the Steripen Journey or at least enough to kick start your own research. I cover an actual … source


Eddie Bauer Point Success Jacket Review.wmv



Back to Basics Camping

You don’t need to stay at a campsites with lots of facilities. Sometimes back … source


Hilleberg Akto

You can also watch on my website: for bushcraft, survival, hiking tips, reviews, gear, cooking. source


Redwood National Park: Fern Canyon

Fern Canyon, the unforgettable nature wonder where Steven Spielberg chose as a location for Jurassic Park 2: The Lost World. This level trail of about one mile follows Home Creek as it courses… source


Get Climbing with The Deuter Gravity Series

Shop here: Everything you need for indoor or outdoor climbing! Rope bags and sheets, chalk bags, and climbing packs. Follow us on social: source


Review of The Kroc Center is Great Place For Summer Fun in Salem Or

Here is just a short video review I made just to show off the very cool and amazing Kroc center. They were ending the day and thought I would take this short video showing what there pool area… source


Review of Horsehoe Lake Free Camping Areas

A Full Tour of all the Free Designated Campsites Along Horseshoe lake rd. Along with the Bog River Canoe areas. More Details and files on my webpage: Follow… source


Rock climbing off the California coast, near Greyhound Rock beach

Rock climbing with some friends. Trying it out for the first time in an area North of Davenport, within the Greyhound Rock State Marine Conservation Area. source

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