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Hammock vs Ground Camping – The Results are Surprising

Subscribe to join the tribe! (monthly gear giveaways.) There’s no doubt Hammock camping is … source


Hardvark Merino Wool Polo and Tshirt Review

Buy: Read more: … source


Beginner Hammock Camping Part 4 – Knots You Should Know

There are ton of different knots out there but which ones should you know for hammock camping? In this video I go over a simple loop knot, prussik knot, becket … source


Gossamer Gear Gorilla 40 Ultralight Pack Review

We dragged Ali up to the gear loft to get her thoughts on the pack she uses – the Gossamer Gear Gorilla 40. She got this pack back in December of 2016 and has … source


Hank's Camino Packing List (ultralight, under 4.5 kg / 10 lbs)

Hank Leukart shows what to pack for the Camino de Santiago to walk with an ultralight, 4.5 kilograms/10 pound-backpack of gear. Includes outtakes and … source


Backpacking Gear – 2015 Gear Overview

With the 2015 backpacking season winding down I decided to put together a gear overview video. In this video I go over each of my main pieces of gear, and I … source


Backpacking & Hammock Camping Mohican State Park in Ohio – Outdoor Adventures Meetup!

Backpacking & hammock camping at the Mohican State Park in Ohio – Outdoor Adventures meetup! uptrail71: backpacking,hiking, hammock camping, gear … source


Wilderness Wear Adventure Merino T-shirt Review

Full written review: #merino #tshirt #review. source


Accepting Off Brand Gear | MyTrailCo (Mens) 800 Hooded Down Jacket | Long Term Update | Review

As requested, we review a “budget” down jacket I purchased last year. This jacket has been on multiple section hikes, including my time on the AT. After getting … source


My Favorite Luxury Backpacking Items Tag!

My favorite luxury backpacking items tag! uptrail71: backpacking,hiking, hammock camping, gear reviews, ultralight gear, and outdoor activities. Aerial Traveler … source

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