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Climbing Mobility 101 Teaser

Chase Tucker shows you how you can prepare properly for an adventure like trekking or mountaineering, so that you can have a life changing journey. source


Deuter ACT Lite 40+10 Backpack Review

Deuter’s ACT Lite 40+10 is a best-seller, and with good reason. Its adjustable shoulder strap system is perfect for the growing or picky backpacker looking for a … source


Oeschinen Lake – Hiking Switzerland | Dji Mavic 2 pro

Locations: – Oeschinensee My Equipment: – Drone: Dji Mavic 2 pro + Polarpro filters – Camera: Panasonic G91 -Lumix 14-140mm f3.5/5.6 G – Editing software: … source


Jummering at Gun Rock Hill – Tirumalghery (ACAP)

Jummering is a technique to climb up steep slopes and cliffs in quick time using a device called as Jummar. This device is a very unique one which when … source


Hiking Rainbow Mountain with Flashpacker Connect

Join me as I hike to the incredible rainbow mountain near cusco peru using the tour company Flashpacker Connect. This was day 18 on my Peruvian adventure. source


Moreton Island Hiking & Snorkeling, Overland Australia Series, Episode 195

I sell my trusty wheels in Perth, catch a flight to Brisbane and then a ferry to Moreton Island. Then five days of baking in the sun as I beach walk my way around … source


Essential Hiking Tips | VISIT NORWAY

Hiking in the Norwegian mountains is wonderful. It’s also a serious matter and can be challenging for even the fittest trekkers. Be prepared and stay safe. source



In the first of a new series of wild camps I plan to do, I was joined by an old friend by the name of Alex (he was in a few of my older videos), for a short walk up to … source


Ella Rock: how to hike it yourself

A guide to hiking Ella Rock without the help of a guide, including detailed directions, a route map and a list of essential tips. Read the full article here: … source


Gregory Arreba Backpack Review

Even though women make up more than fifty percent of the world’s population, most outdoor gear is tailored for men. Gregory is trying to change that. The Arreba … source

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