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Bouldering in Bonn

Bouldering rocks! Getting our indoor training on at Boulders Habitat in Bonn, Germany. My mom and sister were visiting from Canada so they came to check out … source


Basic Rock Climbing Gear: How to choose a Rope

Here, we discuss the basic requirement for Rock Climbing, and in this video we’ll understand the essential equipment: Ropes… source


Awesome Rock Climbing!

Bring home the rock climbing experience with the Boulderboard from Brewers Ledge! The Fit Test Dummies get put through a workout utilizing some of this … source


TRAINING WITH PROS – Ultimate Rock Climbing Work o.flv



How To Make A Doorframe Climbing Board – DIY

Make your very own doorframe climbing board. This is an easy to make, diverse, sturdy, and cheap way to stay in climbing shape throughout the year. It’s size, adaptability, and non-damaging… source


La Sportiva Solution test – Nerd Climbing

Subscribe to our channel and visit our Facebook page! Filmed with a GH4 Panasonic Lumix Edit with FinalCut Pro X Music: Kevin MacLeod “Sneaky Snitch” … source


Outside Explorer with Blank Slate

The Blank Slate mounts in your doorway in minutes with no damage to the wall. Add your combination of climbing holds, hangboards, and accessories to the 17 … source


Depot Climbing technique: flagging

It’s time to learn some climbing technique. Improving you technique is the fastest way to improving your ability as a climber, flagging is something everyone … source


Advanced Resting Techniques for Rock Climbing

Don McGrath of shares some advanced training techniques for rock climbers. source


Rock Climbing Training with Robbie Phillips – Ep. 3 (Strength Basics)

In his brand new series of rock climbing training videos, Robbie Phillips shows you how to reach the perfect mindset and training technique to achieve your … source

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