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Long Dong, Taiwan – A Beautiful Rock Climbing Destination

Long Dong, Taiwan is about an hour outside of Taipei and is an absolutely wonderful rock climbing destination. source


The Climb to the top of Devil’s Tower National Monument

Some of the banter along our climb to the top of Devil’s Tower National Monument. It gives a bit of a feeling of what the climb was like. Tons of profanity as well. source


Austin Bouldering Project – Epic Opening Set

DEFY is the anthem for all you climbers who take gravity into your own hands! Join the community of like minded shredders, setters and #keepclimbing! SUBSCRIBE SUPPORT:… source


Seattle Bouldering Challenge PROAM Recap

More than just a highlight reel, glimpse behind the scenes on how the route setters set the finals. Remember to like & subscribe for more videos … source


Upper Body Stretches for Climbers with Alex

Get better at climbing with this quick and easy follow along stretching video. Remember to like & subscribe for more videos ( Support Alex’s … source


Rock climbing in Tenerife – Trad and Sport

Jose and Pablo climbing in Arico viejo – Tamadaya. source


Some Liming Climbing

A short video I slung together with some footage a few friends and I took back during a Liming trip in December. Plenty of whippers. Hopefully, we’ll be back for … source


Gear Review: Cypher Sentinel Climbing Shoe

The Cypher Sentinel is the go-to trad climbing shoe. Read the full review here: These shoes are available at … source


Scarpa Instinct Lace-up Review | Best New Climbing Shoes ISPO 2016

EpicTV Climbing has the newest and best footage from the world of climbing. Whether you’re psyched on trad, sport, bouldering, big wall or training, we have the video for you. Check out more Climbing Gear At ———————————— The all-new Scarpa Instinct lace-up is a redesign of the original, and takes the shape of the popular […]

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