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Backpacking Tips: Water Storage

You can easily help support this channel for free! Simply click through this link anytime you shop on Amazon: A rundown of some different … source


Manuel Antonio National Park Travel Guide (+ tips for visiting Costa Rica!)

Manuel Antonio National Park is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Costa Rica, and with good reason. Where else can you see monkeys hoping from … source


A Virgins Guide to Burning Man

Burning Man is an amazing experience, (pause for effect) if you are prepared! Preparation is essential for BRC (Black Rock City). This is not an event with loads … source


5 Tips and Tricks to Reduce Condensation in Your Tent

Waking up soggy, hot and upset is only a regular occurrence if you aren’t aware of where to pitch your tent, what the best procedures are and how to use the … source


Spring RV Camping in the Off Season

We prefer to enjoy our beautiful Washington State parks in the off-season when advanced planning is not necessary. When the weather is nice, we can simply … source


RV Nomad Life | Boondocking For Beginners: What We Wish We Had Known

Join Us On Patreon! We just spent 2 weeks in the desert boondocking and learned a lot about things we could improve or do … source


Basic Rock Climbing Gear: How to choose a Rope

Here, we discuss the basic requirement for Rock Climbing, and in this video we’ll understand the essential equipment: Ropes… source


Motorcycle Camping Fire Starting Hacks How To

Three surprising items that you can use to get a fire started! Three items that you are likely to be carrying on a motorcycle trip if you are in an emergency or are … source


Dos and Don’ts of Overnight Camping in a Walmart Parking Lot

I wish I knew these tips when I first started camping out in Walmart parking lots! Heres a list of Do’s and Dont’s to help you learn the ropes of staying in a Walmart … source



So our taxi driver tonight had a few stories that made me ROFL. *Update* My hilarious friend Brian who’s in this video recently passed away. This video is … source

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