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Basic Rock Climbing Gear: Carabiners

In this video we are going to take a look at the Carabiners. They are spring loaded devices used to pass rope.There are two broad categories of carabiner, … source


Which Baselayer Should You Choose?

Your baselayer is one of the most important pieces of kit you’ll own. It’s the piece of kit that determines your comfort next to skin; it wicks away sweat, regulates … source


Discover 2017 Backpacking : Hiking Tips Part 1 : The Outdoor Gear Review

Discover 2017 Backpacking : Hiking Tips Part 1 : The Outdoor Gear Review Welcome to Hiking fan Support TOGR with Patreon : Check out our web site for more … source


How To Layer Your Backpacking Clothing (Like A Thru Hiker)

Learn how to choose what clothing to take on your backpacking trips, and how to layer it. You’ll find more info and a list of some of the items I mentioned on my … source


Bear Safety Tips While Hiking in Alaska 720p

Blog post: While hiking back from the Harding Icefield just outside of Seward, Alaska I decided to … source


John Muir Trail Lessons Learned / Tips and Advice

In this video I discuss what worked and what didn’t work on my 2014 JMT hike. I offer trail advice, food and gear tips and general knowledge of an experienced … source


Fashion tips by KZNabihah at Online Hijab Boutique’s February Event

Event: Mutiara Padang Pasir Venue: Online Hijab store @ Plaza Damas. Time & Date: 11 Feb 2012, 2-5pm fashion tips from KZNabihah … source


For tips and camping advice

For tips and camping advice visit source


Tips and camping advice

Visit for tips and camping advice. source


11 Quick Little RVing Tips from a Full Time RVer

RVing Quick Tips – As we enjoy our full time RV lifestyle and spend more and more time living and traveling in the RV we pick up little … source

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