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Lightweight Backpacking in Sarek – The GEAR

About backpacking light, talking gear and lightweight attitude. Trekking in Sarek National Park. Patreon support Paypal … source


My 2017 Summer Camping Trip

My Summer camping video Music: Please get social with me on: Subscribe: … source


Camping California: Hull Creek Campground

A few weeks ago I took my kids camping in Stanislaus National Forest. We ended up camping at Hull Creek Campground just outside of Long Barn, CA. source


Winter Snow Camping Be Prepared

To see Part 1 of our Winter Camping series CLICK HERE When preparing for a winter snow camping trip or any hike in extreme … source


Instagram Camping Trip / Latvia, May 2017

Full Blog post: – Follow our adventures Joined by some of the best … source


Extreme camping, Winter snow, UK, January 2013

Wes & I take a quick tour into the Peaks in Winter. The Pine tree You see felled in this video is DEAD STANDING, so dont panic, the world is not going to end because We removed the dead tree. source


Deadly Quests-Gear Review-Six Moons Lunar Solo

Taking a look at my shelter, the Six Moons Lunar Solo. source


Camping Gear: Ace Camp LED Tent Lamp

The Ace Camp LED Tent Lamp with Carabiner is perfect for providing soft light inside your tent. It easily attaches to your tent poles with the included carabiner. source


Scotts Farm Camping Site – Official Video

Watch the Official Scotts Farm Camping Site Video. See the site, facilities, children’s play area and what to expect when you visit. Also see the award winning beach just 10 minutes walk from… source


Justin’s Diamond J RV Park Tucson Arizona AZ –

Look where you’re going with Tour campgrounds and RV Parks around the US with thousands of videos, photos and written reviews. Subscribe to this Youtube Channel… source

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