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Coleman Exponent Multi-Fuel Camp Stove Review

Review of the Coleman Exponent Multi-Fuel camp stove. Tool Dude Tony, demonstrates how to set up and use the stove and then does a quick review. Follow … source


Hiking Gear

A video to show what I bring along when I go camping. Constructive criticism is more than welcome. Thanks for watching and don’t forget to like! source



I went to my very first winter survival camp and I learned a bunch of new and useful stuff – how to keep yourself warm, how to choose a camping place, how to … source


Aron Ralston's Real Video Footage (One Clip – Aron Ralston)

Video clip of the Incredible Aron Ralston, taken while trapped in Blue John Canyon. *From the NBC Dateline special about his survival* Shot, while trapped,… source


Essential Backpacking, Camping Equipment & Items

List of backpacking items: -sturdy footwear (hiking boots)/lightweight sandals -large backpack -small daypack (doubles as a food bag) -fanny pack -compact, … source


REI Trail Chair Review

Sometimes you just want to take a load off, especially after a hard day of hiking on the trail. If you can put up with the extra bulk, the REI Trail Chair offers easy … source


Hiking Food ideas for Long Distance Backpacking

Hiking food ideas for a 5 day long distance snow camping trip. Planning your food for a backpacking trek can be a very technical subject. You need to make sure … source


Introduction my bushcraft survival gadgets 2019 | pakistan | urdu/hindi | camping | surviving | wild

SURVIVALgearPAKISTAN #BUSHCARAFTgearPAKISTAN Introduction my bushcraft survival gadgets 2019 | pakistan | urdu/hindi | camping | surviving | wild. source


Safe Backyard Camping Expat Philippines

Shannon is setting up a camp for later in the evening and shows what she is bringing along. Thanks for watching. Go Fund Me Link to help with medical … source


Stuff Sacks, Dry Bags, and Compression Sacks

Just a little video detailing a few options for storing/separating your gear. Apologies if the terminology is confusing sometimes. – Stuff Sack: Just a Nylon bag with … source

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