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Snugpak Ionosphere Bivy / Tent – Review – The Outdoor Gear Review

Here’s the video review of the Snugpak Ionosphere Bivy / Tent. If you wish for instruction on how to set up the tent the video of that will be available shortly. source


E4: The 49 Pound Rucksack (and Swamp) that Almost “Killed” Me – JUNGLE SURVIVAL: Series

JUNGLE SURVIVAL: Episode 4 of 6 – Discover how to survive a brutal jungle swamp hike with a stupid FULL backpack. A Casual day turns into a brutal jungle … source


Camping Gear – Corona Razor Tooth Saw Test and Review.

A quick review of the Corona Razor Tooth Saw. I purchased this to replace my broken Gerber folding saw. This saw is easy to use folds up for convenient … source


Vanquest TOLCAT 2.0 VPacker Gear Bag Review

Today Luke is reviewing the Vanquest TOLCAT 2.0 VPacker Gear Bag. … Link Vanquest : … source


Sleeping Pad Types – The Outdoor Gear Review

Want to learn about the different types of sleeping pads that are on the market today? Take a look here. Also what type of sleeping pad do you use? Check out … source


BattlBox Subscription Mission 13 Unboxing

Support my channel when you subscribe to BattlBox: Living Survival: Second Channel: Google+: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: source


Hiking camping gear review

Clothes get a little stale on the hiking trail? Now there’s a solution. The Scrubba gets the funk out with just a little effort. Check it out. Get your Scrubba – Shooting anyway I want – The Blooper Reel – Subscribe – We are on Facebook – And Twitter – Stop by and say hi […]

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