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My Lungs Are SCREAMING! Epic Volcano Hiking (Ecuador Road Trip)

Prepare your lungs and lace up your hiking boots, because we’re taking on volcanoes, craters and glaciers. Get all the Details of our trip here: … source


Gill Gear Vortex Hood Technology | ICAST 2016

Jerry Richards from Gill Gear, discusses the new Vortex Hood Technology. The new Vortex Hood allows anglers to run across the lake at high speeds with their … source


RV Snowbird Fail! Managing Short RV Winter Camping Trips

We’re typically RV Snowbirds. But that doesn’t mean we never visit cold climates. Here we’ll show you how we managed our RV systems to stay comfortable … source


Camping trip ! part 1 sierra Nevada mountains!

This is the first part of my camping trip , you’ll see different locations and beautiful views !! thank u for watching , subscribe for more. source


How to Windproof a Snow Tent

How to Windproof a tent in the snow and protect it from spindrift. Welcome to another winter snow camping trip, we are very excited to cover this topic further. source



In the second episode (out of 4) about winter time camping we explain the important steps of safe camping in snowy conditions. – Snow and how it affect … source


5 Things You Need for Snow Hiking

In this tip video, Pete shows you the five things you NEED to go snow hiking. So much of the winter can still be enjoyed outdoors when you have the right gear. source


Extreme camping, Winter snow, UK, January 2013

Wes & I take a quick tour into the Peaks in Winter. The Pine tree You see felled in this video is DEAD STANDING, so dont panic, the world is not going to end because We removed the dead tree. source


Weatherford’s Outdoor Apparel : Pensacola’s Popular Places

Located in Pensacola, Florida is an Emerald Coast gem! We love our local beaches, and every now and then get a travel bug for the mountains. When this … source


Camping in the Swiss Alps

The Italian and Swiss Alps are a beautiful place to camp, with breathtaking mountain peaks and snow everywhere you look. Driving in the Alps was one of the best ways to travel this area. After… source

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