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5 Things You Need for Snow Hiking

In this tip video, Pete shows you the five things you NEED to go snow hiking. So much of the winter can still be enjoyed outdoors when you have the right gear. source


Extreme camping, Winter snow, UK, January 2013

Wes & I take a quick tour into the Peaks in Winter. The Pine tree You see felled in this video is DEAD STANDING, so dont panic, the world is not going to end because We removed the dead tree. source


Weatherford’s Outdoor Apparel : Pensacola’s Popular Places

Located in Pensacola, Florida is an Emerald Coast gem! We love our local beaches, and every now and then get a travel bug for the mountains. When this … source


Camping in the Swiss Alps

The Italian and Swiss Alps are a beautiful place to camp, with breathtaking mountain peaks and snow everywhere you look. Driving in the Alps was one of the best ways to travel this area. After… source


Rax Alpen 2017 snowshoes, funny trekking

Rax Alpen via snowshoes. Ottohaus-Neue Seehütte-Predigstuhl-Heukuppe. Only Love Is Here To Stay by The Fisherman Licensed… source


Gear Review – Salomon Alp 20

An in depth review of Salomon’s new mountaineering and hiking backpack, the Alp 20. source


RV Winter Camping – 5 Tips

5 Winter RV Campiing Tips. Great tips for winter RVing to stay warm and dry, and keep your RV safe. This is the bomb proof technique for winter camping. Not for … source


Gear Review: Black Diamond’s Arc Gloves for Alpine

This video is a review of Black Diamond’s Arc Gloves for alpine snow sports (climbing, snowshoeing, skiing, boarding, and general winter activities.) Official Product Specs: source


Snow Camping without Tents Part 2

Camping in the snow and a video about a 4 day hike in the Australian Alps. Also a few more tips and tricks about snow camping! If you have good navigation … source


Best snowshoes available MSR Lightning Ascent review

Snow shoeing is cool! I made this video because I really believe that MSR’s Lightning Ascent Snow shoes are the best snowshoes available anywhere! I don’t … source

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