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Family Rock Climbing Adventure Day: Zion Adventure Company

Cheer each other on, learn rope skills, and build techniques for moving over a variety of surfaces with your family members at your side. No climbing experience … source


Rock climbing in Valenciana 2018

A short video from couple of weeks we have spent climbing in beautiful Valenciana Music Credit: Dj Quads Track Name: “It’s Near” Music By: … source


Climbing (Ocean Waves SPLASHING!) at Blowing Rocks Preserve – Florida

Are you looking for a cool outdoor climbing spot in Florida? Make sure to check out Blowing Rocks Preserve. This video guide will show you what to prepare and … source


This is Rock Climbing

Check out this amazing drone footage of Vince trad climbing in Cania Gorge National Park, Australia The climb is a 22 meter crack climb, rated a 21. source


Best Climbs Doable by ALL Beginners (I Guarantee) in Santee Boulders – San Diego

Are you looking for a beginner-friendly outdoor climbing spot in San Diego? Make sure to check out Santee Boulders. This video will show you where the beginner-friendly climbs are and demonstrate… source


Rocket Power Adventure Club Climbing trip Sand Rock Jan ’17

Not sure why these people allow me to film their antics. They are the most inappropriate people I know. Luckily camera was not rolling during the gravest of offenses. Love this crew: good climbers,… source


Rock Climbing in Canada Rockies

Near Canmore, working his way up over a ledge. source


International Student Volunteers – Chiang Mai Rock Climbing Adventures August 4, 2009

Video of an amazing adventure program with International Student Volunteers. Check it out as we rock climb, cave, and tyrolean our way through the adventure … source


Guest Setting at Rock Mill Climbing Gym

A quick video that I made while guest route setting at Rock Mill Bouldering Gym. This was my second time setting in this awesome gym, and I hope it won’t be the … source


How I Clean Sport Climbing Anchors

This is NOT an instructional video. You should hire a AMGA/IFMGA guide to teach you skills related to rock climbing. If you are an experienced climber you will … source

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