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Rock Climbing in New Paltz

first time rock climbers…this could be my next big addiction. source


Santa Stunt Climbing Down Chimney – Chimney Rock State Park, NC

How does Santa climb down millions of chimneys around the world in one night? He practices, of course! Here in Western North Carolina, Santa Claus drops over the edge of a 315-foot tall granite… source


Island Rock -Rock Climbing

Having fun at Island Rock !!! source


Rock Climbing Smith Rock Oregon HD

Smith Rock Park Geologic Wonderland The dramatic appearance of the park area is a testament to the cumulative force of vulcanism and the erosive power of running water. Millions of years… source


Love Slot Canyons? Big Split Rock near Mecca CA is the Best!

The Big Split Rock slot canyon is an excellent hike displaying the exotic geology found in the Mecca Hills outside Palm Springs, California. This longest slot canyon hike in the desert is a… source


Great Getaways: Rock Climbing the Blue Mountains – Grey County, ON

Great Getaways Travel Planner – Located in the Blue Mountains, Metcalfe Rock is the unofficial centre of all the action. Two separate… source


Rock climbing off the California coast, near Greyhound Rock beach

Rock climbing with some friends. Trying it out for the first time in an area North of Davenport, within the Greyhound Rock State Marine Conservation Area. source


Rock Climbing at Transition Extreme Sports Centre with Swedish Dan

Climbing a tricky 6b route at Transition Extreme.. Dan’s not having much luck on this one… (Bare in-mind we had been climbing for most of the day) #subscribetotheoutdoors #stoneage #stoneagepro… source


Red Rocks Climbing, Easy Stuff

Nothing scary hard here, just some views and such. We climbed Cat in the Hat, Birdland, Frogland, Dark Shadows, Geronimo, and a few other shorter routes. 5.6-5.9 Dark Shadows and Frogland… source


Mt Arapiles Rock Climbing

Mt Arapiles in renown as one of Australia’s best rock climbing locations. For more information: … source

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