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Awesome Rock Climbing!

Bring home the rock climbing experience with the Boulderboard from Brewers Ledge! The Fit Test Dummies get put through a workout utilizing some of this … source


The Climb to the top of Devil’s Tower National Monument

Some of the banter along our climb to the top of Devil’s Tower National Monument. It gives a bit of a feeling of what the climb was like. Tons of profanity as well. source


Indoor Rock Climbing @ Climb Central Manila

COST: 8 USD (includes shoe hire) for ALL day pass at this place in Mandaluyong ▻FREE 55 AUD (2200 PHP) OFF your first booking on AIRBNB using my … source


2018 – Rock Climbing – Freyr – Jeunesse – Belgium

Short video of 2 Days of Rock Climbing in Freyr, mostly on the Jeunesse wall. source


Rock Climbing Challenge 2012 – Claire Iredale – Video 2

LifeAdder Personal Challenge: First Climb of the Challenge – Proof that I successfully climbed at Boat Harbour. Forgot to video the first one, so this is actually the … source


NM True TV – The Box Rock Climbing

So often in New Mexico it’s not about the destination as it is about the trip getting there. And as the NM True TV Crew shows us, nowhere is that more True than … source


Rock Climbing on the Kangaroo Point Cliffs

Looking for some real adventure that doesn’t look like the walls of an indoor rock climbing centre? Challenge yourself in the great outdoors and experience … source


Free Rock Climbing Wall in Warsaw | Warsaw Local

Love rock climbing and bouldering? Or you just want to try it out for the first time? Well you’ll be happy and surprised to discover that in Praga district of Warsaw, … source


Canyoneering | Zion National Park, Utah

Canyoneering in Zion National Park. The Subway hike is an amazing hike. From scenery to adventure it has it all. Come prepared with water and climbing gear. source


Empowering Women of Nepal: Rock climbing training

Rock climbing training to promote and empower female trekking guides. Goal is to encourage them to become self-supportive, independent and decision … source

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