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Warrumbungles National Park: climber’s paradise

A SPECTACULAR VOLCANIC LANDSCAPE near Coonabarabran in central NSW, Warrumbungle National Park has towering trachyte spires, stunning lookouts … source


Rock Climbing in Naneghat – Mumbai

It is just amazing…. source


Smith Rock State Park, Oregon – 4K Nature Documentary Film | Virtual Tour 2017

One of the Seven Wonders of Oregon, according to Travel Oregon (the states travel commission) – Smith Rock State Park is beautifully shown in a new 4K … source


Climbing Techniques: Differences Between Dynamic and Static Movement

**Climbing in inherently dangerous. This video is not a substitution for personal instruction with a professional instructor or a guide.** In this video, CMRCA… source


This is | Empress of the Seas

This is not one activity fits all. This is the ultimate vacation where you choose your own adventure and then repeat. Embark on Royal Caribbean’s Empress of the Seas and move from dining and… source


Climb Smart 2011 – Part 1

Climb Smart 2011 Event put on by ‘Friends of Joshua Tree’ the weekend of October 22/23. Special Thanks to ‘Friends of Joshua Tree’, Sue Cram, Mike Duncan, Brittany Griffith, Lynn Hill, Sara… source


First Family Rock Climbing April 2016, Singapore

This is the first family rock climbing. We started off with two boys on April 1. Then, my big girl joined on the second day. What a great fun to have all five of us climbing together on day… source


Climbing and Zip Lining at Go Ape Delaware – Outdoor Adventure with Robbie Backpacking

Go Ape Delaware is an self guided outdoor adventure. You’ll conquer 5 unique obstacle courses where you’ll climb across challenges from over 30 feet in the air! It’s a heart pumping thrill… source


Rock Climbing Victoria Canyon in South Dakota’s Black Hills

Climbers scale 5.10 and 5.12 sport routes in Victoria Canyon, outside of Rapid City. The Black Hills of Western South Dakota are quietly blessed with some of the most varied and scenic climbing… source


Q&A Climbing Session with World Champion Boulderer Shauna Coxsey

As an avid (albeit amateur!) climber I was stoked beyond belief when Red Bull asked if I’d like to do a one-on-one Q&A climbing session with world champ boulderer Shauna Coxsey. As predicted… source

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