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Long Dong, Taiwan – A Beautiful Rock Climbing Destination

Long Dong, Taiwan is about an hour outside of Taipei and is an absolutely wonderful rock climbing destination. source


Cleaning Holds And Building New Routes (rock climbing) | Adventure Day

Älvdalens climbing club decided that it was time to take down all the climbing holds, clean everything and start all over again by building new routes and … source


Rock Climbing Training in Jammu Kashmir : Special Adventure Course || Episode 1

My accounts of Special Adventure Course with Jawahar Institute of Mountaineering and Winter Sports organized by Jammu and Kashmir Tourism — On this … source


2013 Locals Only Project: Climbing in Brevard, NC

The Looking Glass provides a largely untapped, but indisputably world class climbing resource in Brevard. The giant granite dome offers climbing and … source


The Markhor Traverse – Scrambling the North-East Ridge of Needle Peak

We’ve been to the top of Needle Peak more times than we likely should have any right to. It’s sort of like our background playground at this point. But in all the … source


Big Rock Climbing Trip



The Nose, El Capitan: The King Swing

For a video covering the full ascent, see: source


NIM Basic mountaineering course class for anchor and belay in rock climbing at tekhla

day – 3 date 26-4-2017 tekhla rock climbing area class for anchor and belay in rock climbing a video by rakesh bishnoi. source


Rostrum Notch, The Climb Out – Top Rope Solo – Climbing In Yosemite 9-19-18

As you climb back up out of the notch on the Rostrum, there is a fun crack and sidewalk slab for a beginner like myself to practice hand and foot jamming. In this … source


Climbing Mt Guiting Guiting Philippines most difficult mountain climb

Climbing Mt Guiting Guiting on Sibuyan Island in Romblom Province Philippines. This is the most technically difficult mountain climb of the Philippines. We set … source

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