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Rock Climbing at Ship Rock, Grandfather Mountain, NC

Ship Rock, near Grandfather Mountain and the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina, is a popular spot for rock climbing. In this video, the Blue Ridge Mountains are ablaze with fall color as… source


Suesca Rock Climbing 2017

Rock climbing in Suesca (Colombia) for a few weeks. This place is amazing! Hundreds of routes, traditional and sport climbing; all that a climber heart needs… source


Astacala Rock Climbing Expedition : Facing Giant Rock

“Facing Giant Rock” merupakan ekspedisi Panjat Tebing ASTACALA (Perhimpunan Mahasiswa Pencinta Alam Telkom University) yang dilaksanakan pada 10 November – 1 Desember 2013 berlokasi di Tebing… source


See New Hampshire, through the Eyes of Architect and Rock Climber Alice Chiang

New Hampshire is where Alice Chiang discovered the great outdoors through climbing. She describes New Hampshire as a breathtaking wild playground that keeps her coming back. USA Through the… source


Rock Climbing Garden of the Gods

Rock climbing in the Garden of the Gods park, Colorado Springs, CO with the Front Range Climbing Company. source


Sale: Stronghold Rock Climbing Gym Los Angeles

Ready to climb the walls? Suit up and unwind at Stronghold Climbing Gyms, best in LA! Memberships now on sale with Rush49 – check it out! source


Rock Climbing/Bouldering Perth

rock climbing/bouldering down south, Perth, Western Australia. Bunker Bay, Dunsborough, Margaret River. MORII: The Desire To Capture A Fleeting Experience. source


Older but Still Climbing

Climbing a mixed gear and sport route at Area 51 near Dufur, Oregon. source


Rock Climbing Malibu Creek POV – Chopping Block

Rock Climbing at Malibu Creek State Park is always a good time. Chopping Block is located in the Stumbling Blocks area. Although Chopping Block is only a 5.8 being it was the last route of… source


Angel’s Landing – Scariest Hike in America? Sheer Drop off – Zion National Park, Utah

One of the Scariest and Spectacular hikes in North America. Here’s a look at how Angels landing looks like with sheer drop off on both sides. Video shows me going up and down Angels Landing…. source

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