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Maple Canyon, Utah – Sport Rock Climbing

April, 2015 climb in Maple Canyon, Utah. Awesome conglomerate rock. source


Rock climbing in Reunion Island

From the highest mountain to the school course, from the basalt cliffs to the blocks in the gullies, all climbing practices are feasible in Reunion Island. source


Free Climb on the 70 Feet Rock Patch on Alang by Local Guide Kailash

Free Climb on the 70 Feet Rock Patch on Alang by Local Guide Kailash on 15 March, 2014 during the Alang-Madan Trek organised by Trek Mates India (TMI) source


Indoor Rock Climbing. Victoria, B.C.

Looking for some adventure in your day? Go try rock climbing. It was so much fun! “There’s an infinite number of movements that can be done in the climbing … source


Cliff jumping and rock climbing at Ririe Reservoir

This area is normally arrived at by boat. Since we didn’t have one we parked and hiked our way in and were able to hitchhike out by boat and Razor. Fun place … source


GoPro HD : Cleaning a climbing route.

with rappel! source


This is what it’s like to climb Enchanted Rock – Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

We strapped cameras on members of the University of Texas Rock Climbing team so you can experience what it’s like to climb Enchanted Rock, a massive pink … source


Rock Climbing with Devils Lake Climbing Guides

Peek into a guided rock climbing day at Devil’s Lake State Park, just south of Baraboo, WI. If you’ve ever wondered what a climbing day might be like, this video … source


SBMC Climbing at Fairy Cave

A quick point of view video of a 110 foot climb and abseil on a club trip to Fairy Cave Quarry in Somerset. Filmed with a helmet mounted GoPro. source


Psicobloc 2014 – Chris Sharma – Deep Water Soloing

For the second time the Psicobloc climbing wall has risen above the Utah Olympic Park’s pool. And once again climbers from all over the world are challenging … source

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