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Rock climbing at Ramanagar

Rock climbing is an activity in which participants climb up, down or across natural rock formations or artificial rock walls. The goal is to reach the summit of a … source


Get to Know: Sydney Indoor Rockclimbing Gym

Hi Everyone! Destination: Sydney Indoor Rockclimbing Gym, St Peters. A couple of weeks back, my brother, David and his lovely friend, Olivia, took my … source


My First Time Rock Climbing with a Harness

Liv, Zack and Leilani took me to Mission Cliffs for my first rock climbing experience. source


Outside Explorer with Blank Slate

The Blank Slate mounts in your doorway in minutes with no damage to the wall. Add your combination of climbing holds, hangboards, and accessories to the 17 … source


YHA Adventure #7 – Rock Climbing

Scale new heights, see some breathtaking views and get a great workout – all of this when you try climbing. YHA has got some amazing locations which are … source


GoPro Climbing: Rise Up Indoor Climbing Gym, Lynchburg VA and info!

Video, and Pictures from Rock Climbing and Bouldering at Rise Up, Lynchburg, VA using my GoPro Hero2! SUBSCRIBE TO SEE MORE OUTDOOR VIDEOS! source


City of Rocks National Park Reserve | Rock Climbing Destination

City of Rocks – site of our first rock climbing adventure! This national reserve in Idaho offers a world-class rock climbing experience. City of Rocks refers to … source


Not A Serious Human – Rock Climbing – Music – Story

Welcome to Not A Serious Human where we take ourselves completely seriously. Against all advice, we have adopted not just one but 3 different kinds of video: … source


Rock Climbing / Bouldering gym – Southern Boulder, Adelaide, South Australia, Yoga, Slacklining

Bit of a Video of the various bits that go on here at southern boulder a rock climbing / bouldering gym set up on a vineyard near McLaren Vale just south of … source


Rock climbing near Penticton – Skaha Bluff – Tan 5 9

Early season rock climbing Feb 11 2015 Crag : Southern Crags / Diamondback / Tru corner Tan 5.9 5 bolt There’s toilette on the site in some place in the Bluff All … source

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