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Matt’s Review 1: Alpkit Brukit & Singda/Helinox Ultralite Camping Chair

While on a walk with Millie, Matt decides to give us his 2 cents on a couple of his new products with some demonstrations as well. He compares these products … source


Survival Camping gear review Part 2 (Bear Grylls trousers/pants)

Bear Grylls trouser pants with nosilife technology review Stay tuned for more reviews. source


The Mt. Bachelor Pad by Ruffwear [Review]

Visit Adventure Rig here: Some call him spoiled, we call him fortunate. Call him what you will, Hank’s excited to have another Ruffwear … source


The Linville Gorge – 3 Day Backpacking the Grand Loop

The Linville Gorge, also known as the grand canyon of North Carolina, is a wilderness area maintained by the United States Forest Service. It features … source


Kayaking the Clarion River

This trip was super peaceful and very enjoyable. Though the water levels were a bit low we only had to pull the kayaks a couple times. Camping is great on the … source


Return to the Red River Gorge – Grays Arch & Auxier Ridge

I visited the Red River Gorge in Kentucky a few years ago and have always wanted to spend a more time there. We had a lot of side trails planned in the area but … source


Apparel Store Open – Thank You for Supporting the Channel

You can buy Outdoor Adventures merchandise anytime you want. At 5’6″ 140lbs a medium fits me perfectly. Check out the store below. source


Justin’s Diamond J RV Park Tucson Arizona AZ –

Look where you’re going with Tour campgrounds and RV Parks around the US with thousands of videos, photos and written reviews. Subscribe to this Youtube Channel… source


Hi Def Time Lapse Drive – Smoky Mountains – Roaring Fork Motor Trail – Gatlinburg Vacation.m2ts

Click For More Info! ::::::: A Candid Review of Deer Ridge Mountain Resort Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Absolutely best seen full screen and in hi def! Photo… source


AT ’19 Thru Hike Announcement Trailer

After 2 years of dreaming about it, you all have helped me decide to attempt a thru hike of the Appalachian Trail. More details to follow with a new playlist. source

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