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Review Matras Angin Camping Chanodug FX-8602

Kegiatan naek gunung membutuhkan perlengkapan yang lengkap, masing-masing peralatan bersifat wajib untuk dibawa. Salah satu perlengkapan yang kudu … source


Portable Power Station Review (Jackery Explorer 240), Promo Codes, and Giveaway

Jackery makes portable power supply products. They sent me the Explorer 240 portable power station to try out, and this video includes my thoughts on the … source


Product Review: Heated Sweatshirt by Colcham

Another fine heated apparel. This one is more of a casual item and perfect for wearing around the house, or to bed really. It’s quite soft and comfy. Your move … source


Review of the cruise ship Starlight, HaLong Bay Vietnam 2016.

Check out the written blog post for more information. This is my honest review, … source


GSI Outdoor 11 Piece Gourmet Backpacking Kitchen Set Review

Cooking at camp is often overlooked when thinking about cool new gear. While a new tent or backpack is certainly helpful, a dedicated cooking set is fantastic. source


The Swift All Season Pant by Adidas [Review]

Visit Adventure Rig here: With spring now in full swing it has given me a chance to wear the Swift All Season Pant by Adidas in a variety of … source


Review: Mt. Thielsen CVT Tent

A quick rundown of my thoughts on the CVT Mt. Thielsen tent after about a year of use. This tent is currently for sale in the Puget Sound area. — Gear — Vehicle … source


Pro Series 63153 60″ x 24″ Hitch Mounted Cargo Carrier

Amazon: … source


REI Flash 18 Review

A review of REI’s new Flash 18 backpack. I will go over the main features and components of the bag. source


The North Face Venture 2 Review

This video is a review of The North Face Venture 2 Rain Jacket. This is an in depth product review after 10 months of use. All of the features of the jacket are … source

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