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Field of Light timelapse film

Learn how to timelapse with The Ultimate Timelapse Guide. Check out my free e-book about the basics of timelapse as well! Bruce … source


The Challenge of Photography at The Grand Canyon

The challenged of photography at the Grand Canyon is it’s so hard to find scale in the landscape. Find my landscape photography on IG at @brendanvanson … source


exploring southern Idaho (sites and activities around Twin Falls, idaho)

Sites to see and things to do in The Twin Falls area. Includes: rock climbing, base jumping, camping, fishing, and site seeing along with a brief history. source


Hike Oregon – Vulcan Lake

Vulcam Lake is a beautiful day trip for the family.. for more info and a review on Vulcan Lake go to: Mountain Haven Trails is an … source


Vlog #08 Hidden Gems in Bintulu, Malaysia – Telecom Beach – Rock Climbing, White Sand Beach

This is one of the Hidden Gems in Bintulu, Malaysia – Telecom Beach – Rock Climbing Cave, White Sand, Photography Beach. source


Photography at Glencoe and the Harry Potter Train in Scotland

Photography was finally on the plan today in Scotland. We started at Glencoe and ended up at the Harry Potter train. For more of my travel photography check … source


Product Review: My New Geekoto Ring Light

Featured product: GEEKOTO 18-inch Ring Light for Phone and Camera, LED Ring Light with Stand and Phone Holder Original music … source


Best Places to Photograph Grand Teton National Park

There are a few BEST places to photograph Grand Teton National Park to capture the jagged peaks of the mountains complimented by the surrounding … source


Camping Gear Christmas – VEDA Day 7

Christmas came early. At least the first part of it. I got the first shipment of my camping gear today. A sleeping bag and a knife. Even thought it’s only part of gear … source


Canyonlands National Park Best Photography Spots

Canyonlands National Park​, Utah is a beautiful national park in the U.S. It has vast landscape vistas and canyons carved by the Colorado and Green Rivers. source

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