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Hello, Arctic.

Earlier this year our good friend Keith Ladzinski headed south into some of the most dangerous terrain known to man, the icy world of Antarctica. The video is … source



These are two items by OEX that I recently purchased brand new on eBay from Outdoor Returns. They were absolute bargains! Thought I would make a short … source


Ellie’s First Hike

New Years, 2016 was a beautiful day to explore the Phoenix Sonoran Desert Preserve, hiking with our grand daughter Ellie, her first hike. The hike was pleasant … source


5 Things You Need for Snow Hiking

In this tip video, Pete shows you the five things you NEED to go snow hiking. So much of the winter can still be enjoyed outdoors when you have the right gear. source


Castle Rocks on the Idaho Centennial Trail Near Featherville Idaho

Views of the unique outcroppings of rocks known as Castle Rocks off Hwy 20 near Featherville, Idaho. Click thumbs up if you like. Please subscribe. source


Best Bushcraft Moments Of 2017, Match Storage, Kids & Canoe Camping | #AskPaulKirtley 64

Welcome to Episode 64 of #AskPaulKirtley, where I answer questions about my best bushcraft moments of 2017, some advice on introducing kids to canoe … source


Nomadik May Subscription Box Unboxing! part 2 meet the mailman LOL

Nomadik May subscription box unboxing! Nomadik sent us the box free to do this unboxing YouTube video. uptrail71: backpacking,hiking, hammock camping, … source


Archeer 16×52 Monocular Review

Archeer 16×52 Monocular Review & Giveaway. uptrail71: Backpacking, Hiking, Hammock Camping, Gear Reviews, and Outdoor Activities. Archeer Amazon … source


Channel Trailer – Hiking, Camping and Outdoor Adventures

Are you looking for cool fun hikes, ways to keep your kids entertained on the trail, great camping locations, tips and tricks for hiking and camping, or just … source


HIKING GEAR : Osprey Kestrel 32 … source

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