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Hike Oregon Collab |What to Pack for a Day Hike | Desert Hiking Faves

Show some love to HIKE OREGON : Products I Talk About: Pendleton Indy Hat: Trucker Cap: … source


Riley Fails at Camping – Vlog #6 (part one) from Outdoor Vitals

Remember to Subscribe to our channel! Here at Outdoor Vitals we are constantly talking about “Opening the outdoors”… source


Hiking Clothing Choices – Naths hiking gear part 2 – Going lightweight

Hiking Clothing Choices – Naths hiking gear part 2 – Going lightweight. Following on from his previous video on the subject of weight reduction in his backpack, Nath continues down the same… source


lightweight backpacking gear load up 2017

an overview of my updated backpacking gear for the 2017 hiking season. Included are the weights, prices, and descriptions of each piece. I hope you find this … source


Lightweight Backpacking: How to Pack Your Bag

If done correctly, lightweight backpacking gives you more freedom, comfort, increased safety, enjoyment, speed and less “suffering” than traditional backpacking. source


Luxury Backpacking Gear in a Lightweight Set Up Collaboration

As part of a collaboration with some other awesome YouTubers, I’m sharing my LUXURY (aka non-essential) gear items that come with me on backpacking trips. source


High Elevation Hiking Tips and Lightning Storm Protection –

Hiking in beautiful locations can often come with unavoidable tradeoffs. Backpacking above tree line will give you fantastic sweeping views, but you’ll also be much more exposed. Lightning safety and high elevation hiking safety are two key skills that often go hand in hand. Learning how to safely navigate these dangers will lead to rewarding […]

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