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What’s it like hiking in the Amazon jungle?

Dave and Carmen from go trekking in the Amazon jungle in Ecuador. Read the whole blog post here: You can learn more about Carmen… source


Junglecraft Campsite – DIY Jungle shelter for pouring rain

Jungle camping is extremely wet, it can rain constantly, no matter what you do you will get soaked 🙂 The jungle campsite in this video is on the slopes of Mt … source


Rainforest Cafe in 1080p HD-Downtown Disney~Disney World

A tropical rainforest retreat and delicious eats await you. Look for the erupting volcano! Gather your party of explorers and journey deep into the Amazon, where … source


E4: The 49 Pound Rucksack (and Swamp) that Almost “Killed” Me – JUNGLE SURVIVAL: Series

JUNGLE SURVIVAL: Episode 4 of 6 – Discover how to survive a brutal jungle swamp hike with a stupid FULL backpack. A Casual day turns into a brutal jungle … source


Tips and Advice on Camping Top Aggressive Lanes within 5 minz

Like and Sub if you enjoyed, stream link below. I do this every day so if you want to help out you can.~~~ ~~ WATCH ME LIVE DAILY … source


Stealth Camping gear review

Featuring the one man Mil Tec Recon Tent, Maxpedition bug out bag, snugpak jungle bag and some other kit. Reviews of some gear. source


LAWSON BLUE RIDGE CAMPING HAMMOCK REVIEW – best backpacking and hiking gear for outdoors adventures

The best camping and survival hammock – this is my review of the Lawson Blue Ridge Camping Hammock. The ideal kit to carry when outdoors when your off on … source

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