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How to use a Prusik knot as backup for mast climbing

How to use a Prusik knot as a backup when climbing the mast on a sailboat. Please visit our blog: Specifically, you may wish to … source


Women’s NTS Mid 250 Crew by Smartwool [Review]

Visit Adventure Rig here: I’ve always been envious of Tyson’s base layer quiver and would often get frustrated that I couldn’t find … source


Climbing Techniques: Differences Between Dynamic and Static Movement

**Climbing in inherently dangerous. This video is not a substitution for personal instruction with a professional instructor or a guide.** In this video, CMRCA… source


SegSac 15L and Hoboroll by Gobi Gear [Review]

Visit Adventure Rig here: It can be hard to review gear that is such an amazing idea, as it always makes me think, why didn’t I think of that? But I’m glad someone… source


How to Layer & Stay Warm on the Mountain

This video goes through the two easiest layering systems for skiing and snowboarding. Keep it simple with the 3 layer and 4 layer system. If you want to know … source


How to restore the water repellency of your waterproof jacket

Looking for instructions on how to restore the water repellency of your GORE-TEX or NGX jacket? Watch Daan from the Kathmandu product team explain the … source


Easy Camping Recipes Banana S’mores Dessert

This is a great motorcycle camping dessert recipe! The ingredients are readily available and you don’t need to worry about anything spoiling other than the … source


7KG backpack for worldtrip – Travel advice

So I will only take one small backpack with me while travelling aroung the world, I want to show you all how I do it and what I take with me. one bag backpacking is fun, convenient and less… source


How Much Does A Motorcycle Trip Cost?

How to figure out what a motorcycle adventure will cost you in 4 easy steps. How to plan a budget for a motorcycle trip. It will work for anyone, riding any motorcycle, traveling anywhere in… source


Welcome to Nature For Kids! | Family Vlogs | Travel Vlog | Gear Reviews | Fun Family Adventures

Welcome to Nature For Kids! | Family Vlogs | Travel Vlog | Gear Reviews | Fun Family Adventures Other Videos: Welcome to all our New Youtube subscribers and welcome… source

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