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Gear Review Salomon Lightning Softshell Jacket

I review my Salomon Lightning Softshell Jacket, which is great for moderate to intense outdoor activities. source



These are two items by OEX that I recently purchased brand new on eBay from Outdoor Returns. They were absolute bargains! Thought I would make a short … source


Fern Canyon in Redwoods National and State Park | S1E30

We hiked a bit of Fern Canyon in the Redwoods National and State Park. It was like nothing I had ever seen before! Truly beautiful. I loved how the plants seem … source


Ellie’s First Hike

New Years, 2016 was a beautiful day to explore the Phoenix Sonoran Desert Preserve, hiking with our grand daughter Ellie, her first hike. The hike was pleasant … source


Hieroglyphics Trail Review, Superstition Mountains, AZ

Trail Cruisers provides video reviews of different trails and outdoor gear to help you make informed choices. This video reviews the HieroglyphicsTrail in the … source


Matt’s Review 1: Alpkit Brukit & Singda/Helinox Ultralite Camping Chair

While on a walk with Millie, Matt decides to give us his 2 cents on a couple of his new products with some demonstrations as well. He compares these products … source


Labyrinth and the Lemon Squeeze –

Scramble and squeeze through a massive jumble of rocks before enjoying breathtaking views of New York’s Shawangunks from Sky Top Tower. source


5 Things You Need for Snow Hiking

In this tip video, Pete shows you the five things you NEED to go snow hiking. So much of the winter can still be enjoyed outdoors when you have the right gear. source


Kurgo Max Dog Pack Full Review

Here’s a Full Review of our Dog Bowie’s new Pack, The Kurgo Max Pack. Visit Music By: Thunder/Dreamer source


Castle Rocks on the Idaho Centennial Trail Near Featherville Idaho

Views of the unique outcroppings of rocks known as Castle Rocks off Hwy 20 near Featherville, Idaho. Click thumbs up if you like. Please subscribe. source

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