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Gear Review: REI® Zip-O-Gage® Thermometer

The REI® Zip-O-Gage® Thermometer is a must-have addition to your outdoor gear stash. Its simple but effective purpose is to keep you always informed of the temperature, no matter where you… source


Hiking the Besseggen Ridge

The narrow and steep path up the Besseggen Ridge can take your breath away. So can the view from the top. Be prepared and stay safe. Plan your adventure at Film production… source


Kuhl Revolvr Pant

The Revolvr is our Kühl Jean–Reloaded. The Revolvr’s features include scuff guards on the cuffs and pockets for incredible durability. Pockets are now riveted, not just bar tacked. The… source


John Muir Trail Hiking Gear 2014 (32 lbs.)

An in depth look at the gear and food that I carry for all my back country hikes in the Sierra. source


Hiking the Eaton Canyon Waterfall Trails

January 06th. 2017 me and my aunt set sights on the Eaton Canyon Trails for the second time. Eaton Canyon Waterfall Trails is located within Pasadena, California. Overall it was a very great… source


WEEK IN MY LIFE #2 (hiking/flying/bbq)

last week of Summer going out with a bang. 1. go to Smith Rock. just go and be happy. 2. I would argue that flying in the PNW is one of the most beautiful locations. (not that I would really… source


My Hygiene Routine on the PCT

Where do you poop? How do you keep clean? How do you take care of your feet? What do you do about your period? In this video I take you through my entire hygiene routine from the time I wake… source


What are Zip Up Shoes? Introducing the Timberland Radler Camps | Timberland

After you’re done hiking, one of the first things you want to do is take off your boots and relax. Introducing, the Timberland Radler Camps–a lightweight zip up … source


Outdoorsmanlab Mummy Sleeping Bag + Sleeping Pad Review + Trekology Pillows

️Outdoorsmanlabs Mummy Bag ️Outdoorsmanlabs Sleeping Pad ️ ☁️Trekology Ultralight Pillow☁ source


ACADIA National Park : All in One Park ( Mountains, Beach, Pond )

Acadia national park in Maine, USA is All in one National park with tons of hiking trails.. Sand beach.. Amazing views.. Ponds.. Hiking Spots like Cadillac Mountain and Bubble rock will lead… source

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