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Bill Bernhard: Rapid City Local Hiking Expert

Get some tips for hiking in Rapid City from local expert Bill Bernhard. He gives you tips on trails, the gear you should take, as well as some insight for making … source


Kauai hiking Kalalau Trail near Pe’e Beach, Sept 29, 2013

Kauai, Hawaii Sept 29, 2013 Hiking from Kalalau Trail and Pe’e beach was gorgeous. I love the rugged coast, the rough sea … source


Walmart Ozark Trail Backpack Torture Test: REAL REVIEW 3

In this episode of “Real Reviews” we focus on the Ozark Trail brand of backpacks from Walmart. We use a “Kallispell” Day Hiking pack as our crash test dummy … source


GEAR REVIEW: Apex Hunting Ultralight Bivvy

Check out our gear review of the Apex Hunting Ultralight Bivvy. It’s a great lightweight option for hikers and hunters that don’t need all the luxuries of a hi-tech … source


Part 1 Appalachian Trail 2014 Thru-hike Documentary

Appalachian Trail 2014 Thru-hike Documentary. This is a pretty detailed and hopfully entertaining video of my north bound thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail. source


Making Progress!! – Neemor’s Appalachian Trail Thru-Hike ep.3

My Camera Gear: Newbie Neemor crosses his first state line! woot woot! Check out my Instagram for more recent updates: … source


Post Thru Hike – Sea to Summit Aeros UL Pillow

Sea to Summit Aeros UL Pillow – Get some Sweet Darwin Onthetrail Swag at : Gear Used … source


Granite Gear Alpha Dog Hiking Pack & Gear List

Fall is a good time of year to get back into hiking longer distances, but I wanted to look into getting the dog something that he can haul his gear- so I got him a … source


Top 5 Best Hiking Backpacks Reviews (2014)

Visit : Top 5 Best Hiking Backpacks Review What do you think are the most important items to have with you when you … source


Jhuilu Old Trail – The Most Extreme Hike in Taiwan (Zhui Lu Gu Dao — 錐麓古道)

The precarious Jhuilu (Zhuilu) Old Trail is cut into the highest, sheer cliff face in the awe-inspiring Taroko Gorge. The Jhuilu Cliff is about 1.100 meter high, and if … source

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