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Mountain Laurel Designs (MLD) SuperLight SOLO BIVY Review

A review of the Mountain Laurel Designs (MLD) Super Light Solo BIVY, its features, and build quality. MLD Claimed Specifications: – For users up to 6’2″ / 185 … source


Essential Backpacking, Camping Equipment & Items

List of backpacking items: -sturdy footwear (hiking boots)/lightweight sandals -large backpack -small daypack (doubles as a food bag) -fanny pack -compact, … source


Taming Virginia’s Buffalo: Buffalo Mountain Hiking Guide HD

Buffalo Mountain is located in the Buffalo Mountain Nature Area Preserve, just a few miles from the town of Floyd. The preserve is said to hold 13 rare plants, … source


Why I Don’t Stress About Base Weight

Base Weight is a topic you’ll see backpackers talk about all the time, especially on the internet. While I believe it’s important to find ways to cut the weight of my … source


Rock Climbing Training in Jammu Kashmir : Special Adventure Course || Episode 1

My accounts of Special Adventure Course with Jawahar Institute of Mountaineering and Winter Sports organized by Jammu and Kashmir Tourism — On this … source


The Markhor Traverse – Scrambling the North-East Ridge of Needle Peak

We’ve been to the top of Needle Peak more times than we likely should have any right to. It’s sort of like our background playground at this point. But in all the … source


How I Afford To Thru-Hike

One of the most frequent questions I am asked is what do I do when I’m not hiking to afford to take 6 months off to thru-hike. Well, I’ve hike the Appalachian Trail … source


Backpacking the Black Forest Trail, Pennsylvania

The Black Forest Trail is one of the hardest trails in PA. Scenic views and overlooks of Pine Creek, plenty of water and great campsites. This place is pretty darn … source


Discover the Swamp Rabbit Trail

See for yourself why the Swamp Rabbit Trail has become a hotspot for both locals and visitors – covering everything from beautiful downtown Greenville to the … source


Backpacking & Hiking Class

University of Louisville (UofL) Fall 2006 HSS 133: Backpacking and Hiking Best of Class Video Presentation. source

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