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Trail Gear Spotlight – Helly Hansen Odin Veor Down Jacket 2018

Trail Gear Guide 2018 is out now! Here is a preview of some of the products featured in this 100-page special free with the May Issue. Available now at … source


New River Gorge July 4th Climbing Trip

Shaela and I went down to the New for the long weekend to get in some climbing. We had two great days of weather, but it rained on us quite a bit for the 4th. source


TAGGED – LONER’S TOP 5 HIKING GEAR PICKS (Ultralight) TAG + Bloopers 5 Channel Challange

Thanks for tagging me Smilin’ Don OUTDOORS: Smilin’ Don was tagged by: Bluecollar Backcountry: … source


Camping Gear Christmas – VEDA Day 7

Christmas came early. At least the first part of it. I got the first shipment of my camping gear today. A sleeping bag and a knife. Even thought it’s only part of gear … source


Cold Weather Gear on the Appalachian Trail

I go over the Cold Weather gear that worked for me on my March Start of the Appalachian Trail in 2015 Music By: Thunder/Dreamer … source


Episode 11: THE SAN JUANS

CDT 2018: The San Juan Mountains. Dixie continues to recover as she tries to push through the San Juan Mountains in Southern Colorado. CDT Gear List: … source


REI Flash 18 Review

A review of REI’s new Flash 18 backpack. I will go over the main features and components of the bag. source


My 240gram Ultralight Hiking Cook Set

Just a quick video showing my lightweight cook set, total weight is 240grams not including the gas canister. I used this cook set on my:- West Highland Way hike … source



Lien vers l’article: (Autres liens plus bas) Revue des guêtres légère et souples Outdoor Research Flex Tex II. Découvrez mes avis les … source


John Muir Trail Gear Review – Solo Thru Hike – July/August 2017

An overview of what I brought for my JMT solo hike. I am not an ultralighter. I cut weight where it made sense, but I tried not to obsess about my gear. This is what … source

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