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SLEEPING BAG FOR DOGS? // Ruffwear Highlands Sleeping Bag Review

Sleeping bag for dogs sounded like a excessive novelty to me at first but after a hiking trip in the autumn where my dog Luna started to shiver in the night I … source


Free camping in Finland!

Video guide about how to get free camping in Finland Gear review for lifeventure as well. lifeventure sleeplite 750 lifeventure soft fibre lite trek towel lifeventure … source


Renogy 100 Watt Solar Suitcase with Charge Controller | Product Review | Portable Solar Solution

The RENOGY 100 WATT ECLIPSE SOLAR SUITCASE WITH CHARGE CONTROLLER | Product Review | The Renogy Solar Suitcase is an affordable, portable … source


my almost ultralight 2017 appalachian trail thru hike gear list!

gear list: instagram: source


Guest Setting at Rock Mill Climbing Gym

A quick video that I made while guest route setting at Rock Mill Bouldering Gym. This was my second time setting in this awesome gym, and I hope it won’t be the … source


Philmont Scout Ranch Gear Overview

Overview of the gear I took to Philmont, what worked for me, and what didnt. This is what worked for me, you may be different. If you are unsure what to take … source


Channel Update: Upcoming Backpacking Trips, Gear Reviews and Much More for 2014

I have a lot of new videos planned for 2014. I just got a ton of new gear to show and review, new trails planned and a bunch of things I’ve been planning on … source


PCT 2017 Thru-hike Gear Breakdown

Here is a detailed breakdown of all the gear I will be taking with me on my 2017 PCT thru-hike! For weights and links to all the items – check out my lighterpack: … source


The Basic use of a Compass & Map for Backpacking /Hiking VR Smell N Roses

The Basic use of a Compass & Map for Backpacking/Hiking. VR for Smell N Roses. uptrail71: Backpacking, Hiking, Gear Review, and Outdoor Activities. Smell N … source


Beginners Backpacking Series part 3- Backpack Sizes & How I pack gear

Beginners backpacking series part 3. Backpack sizes & how I pack gear. Part 3 will help to give you an idea of what pack size that you may need. I will also show … source

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