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TGO Magazine Chris Townsend’s favourite gear

TGO Gear Editor Chris Townsend describes the clothing and equipment he uses the most. source


Gear Review: REI® Lookout 40

The REI® Lookout 40 is a fantastic pack for just about any kind of outdoor activity. It works well as a day pack or overnight pack, carries a lot of gear, and is durable. I have a few minor… source


Shopping in Kathmandu – Trekking Gear You Can Save Money On

READ OUR BLOG POST – before you buy any gear! – Click here – In this video I show you how you can save you a lot of energy on your trek, and make your journey far more… source


What Are The Best Sleeping Pads For Motorcycle Camping

What are the differences between the three main types of sleeping pads? That’s what this video is all about. In this video I cover air mattresses, self inflating mattresses and closed cell… source


Instructional climbing video – placing protection

We created this instructional climbing video in the summer of 2008 as a pilot to a forthcoming instructional climbing DVD. Presented by Jason Bailey. source


DMM Captain Kit Review Wurfhaken – Baumpflege – Arborist equipment

Hi Leute, hier verschaffe ich euch einen kurzen Überblick über den Lieferumfang des neuen DMM Captain Wurfhaken im Kit! Im Lieferumfang sind enthalten: … source


Philmont Scout Ranch Gear Overview

Overview of the gear I took to Philmont, what worked for me, and what didnt. This is what worked for me, you may be different. If you are unsure what to take … source


Basic Rock Climbing Gear: Carabiners

In this video we are going to take a look at the Carabiners. They are spring loaded devices used to pass rope.There are two broad categories of carabiner, … source


Explore the new Kathmandu hybrid travel trolley

Our new Hybrid Trolley Range; a classic, re-engineered with 15 years of design evolution. Shop the new range of Hybrid Trolleys here: … source


Ice climbing and snow craft in the Himalaya

Ice climbing as an adventure sport can be most thrilling. Seen here on a glistening ice face are a group of Indian climbers putting on crampons and … source

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