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Mount Kinabalu Climbing Guide – The Danger Zone

Mount Kinabalu is a non-technical mountain which requires no special climbing skills. As long as you can climb a flight of stairs, you can climb Mount Kinabalu. source


Huashan Cliffside Path (No Harness)

Me on the cliffside path up one rather dangerous hiking trail and one of the most scenic and beautiful mountains in China. Here’s a blog post I wrote about … source


The Markhor Traverse – Scrambling the North-East Ridge of Needle Peak

We’ve been to the top of Needle Peak more times than we likely should have any right to. It’s sort of like our background playground at this point. But in all the … source


Basic Rock Climbing Gear: How to choose a Rope

Here, we discuss the basic requirement for Rock Climbing, and in this video we’ll understand the essential equipment: Ropes… source


Hiking tips

hiking, outdoors, cliff, Climbing, Mountain, Mountains, Trail, Canyon, Park, Nature, Outdoor, Sports, adventure, danger, idiot, crazy, china, Mount, Hua Mount, … source


11 Most Dangerous Places in the World to Visit

Subscribe for weekly wacky videos and learn interesting facts about the world with awesome top 10 lists and other amazing videos. 6 – Yosemite National Park’s … source


Redneck Camping Guide

Thanks to Rusty and Larnold for filling in for us. Get all your essential camping items and a whole lot more at And visit … source

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