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Epic Cliff Jumping | Becket Quarry |

It’s not summer until you and you friends travel to an out-of-state Quarry for some epic cliff jumping from +60ft cliffs! This adventure took us up to Old Granite … source


Climbing onto Kjeragbolten

Yeah… I was a little nervous. source


Huashan Cliffside Path (No Harness)

Me on the cliffside path up one rather dangerous hiking trail and one of the most scenic and beautiful mountains in China. Here’s a blog post I wrote about … source


7 Reasons Winter Camping is Better than Summer Camping

From hateful teenage cyberbullying to grammatically-abysmal political Facebook rants from high school acquaintances, social media can be a pretty poisonous … source


Awesome Rock Climbing!

Bring home the rock climbing experience with the Boulderboard from Brewers Ledge! The Fit Test Dummies get put through a workout utilizing some of this … source


Review of The Kroc Center is Great Place For Summer Fun in Salem Or

Here is just a short video review I made just to show off the very cool and amazing Kroc center. They were ending the day and thought I would take this short video showing what there pool area… source


Japanese Scented Climbing Chalk is Game Changer

SUBSCRIBE SUPPORT: IG: If you want to purchase your very own bag of Tokyo Powder … source


Hiking tips

hiking, outdoors, cliff, Climbing, Mountain, Mountains, Trail, Canyon, Park, Nature, Outdoor, Sports, adventure, danger, idiot, crazy, china, Mount, Hua Mount, … source


Extreme 4×4 Near Impossible Climb Owned

Neil Lillard in his Packard grill sporting buggy. With some good spotting from Kimi Lillard, makes an epic climb. source


CLIMBERS ARE AWESOME !!!!! 10 years compilation of crazy awesome climbing

Climbing is great, psyched, dope, crazy, amazing, whatever you like!!! Enjoy some of the best climbing moves with some of the best world climbers… Climbers name, in order of appearance : 0:02 – François Lombard 0:12 – Tony Lamiche flashes an 8a (V11) boulder, Spain 0:21 – Jérémie Pancol & Jérôme Meyer on the same […]

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