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Cold weather cycling

Another persons version of cold weather cycling wear. I rode along the Han river in -5C for about 3 hours without getting cold or sweaty. This solution is a … source


Silver Elite Base Layer Pants: Warm, Breathable, Comfortable Thermal Pants

WHY YOU NEED THIS During the cold weather months sometimes you just need a little something extra… source


221B Equinoxx Thermals Debut: Best Police Officer Winter Cold Weather Outdoor Thermals

FEATURES: Temperature Rating: Sub-30 degrees (F) A patented 3-layer, heat-laminated fabric Grid-Structure fleece inner liner for ultimate… source


Winter Challenge day 3 – Winter camping tips

Winter camping in the Swedish wilderness. Day 3 on our Winter Challenge – with Wilderness Life. source


Dressing for Extreme Cold Running

Well, it’s extreme cold for me, between about -10 and -30, but then again, I’m a soft Englishman. Apologies to the real mountain people who think that … source


Winter Bushcraft, Survival and Camping Questions | #AskPaulKirtley 41

Welcome to Episode 41 of #AskPaulKirtley, where I answer questions about carbon monoxide and winter shelters, candles for quinzhees, snow shelter … source


Review of Cabela’s Roughneck Fleece lined denim jeans

Review of fleece lined jean. Fleece lined Cabela’s jeans are made for cold weather outdoor activities: camping, hunting, fishing, and motorcycle riding. source


Quick hello from Kyrgyzstan

Waiting for visas to continue North to Siberia and Mongolia Visit Around 7 Continents at: @DeBruynJoubert. source


Bivouac Backcountry Camping Survival Skill Priorities – Finding Collecting and Purifying Water

See more in-depth information on this video on my blog here *Disclaimer-Do … source


How to Go Winter Camping

Learn to Make Simple Fried Ice Cream! Click here: Watch more Camping Equipment & Tips videos: … source

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