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มือจับปีนผา (Rock Climbing Holds)

โปรโมชั่น มือจับปีนผา หน้าผาสำเร็จรูป ➡ ➡ ม่านน้ำหิ… source


Hiking behind Snoqualmie Falls.

Went hiking the other day. Had to check out Snowqualmie falls in Washington. At first glance we thought there was no possible way to get even close to the … source


Tutorial on using the Tree Climbing Tool

We are presenting a simple video tutorial on how to use the Tree Climbing Tool. This tool will enable #everyone with the capacity to climb trees especially in … source


Why I Don’t Stress About Base Weight

Base Weight is a topic you’ll see backpackers talk about all the time, especially on the internet. While I believe it’s important to find ways to cut the weight of my … source


The Markhor Traverse – Scrambling the North-East Ridge of Needle Peak

We’ve been to the top of Needle Peak more times than we likely should have any right to. It’s sort of like our background playground at this point. But in all the … source


Big Rock Climbing Trip



How I Afford To Thru-Hike

One of the most frequent questions I am asked is what do I do when I’m not hiking to afford to take 6 months off to thru-hike. Well, I’ve hike the Appalachian Trail … source


Crazy Indoor Lead Climbing Dyno 5.12B

Attempting to climb a recently established indoor lead route at Lifetime Fitness in Tulsa. Rated at 5.12B the dyno in the middle of the route is the rad part. Rock … source


Trekking in Bangalore : Climbing Asia’s Largest Monolith, Savandurga Hills || Snehal Wagh

While I was in Bangalore my friend Varsha had a plan. She took me on a bike ride and we climbed Asia’s Largest Monolith, Savandurga Hills. Gear I Use … source


My Top 10 Special Secret Smoky Mountain Places

Just a bushwhack off-trail to find a old home place that was standing not so long ago. Hike off-trail at your own risk. Hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains … source

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