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Rock Climbing at Donner Summit

Donner summit has dozens of great climbs and beautiful views, overlooking Donner Lake. It’s also easy to access once most of the snow has melted. This is … source


My First Time Rock Climbing with a Harness

Liv, Zack and Leilani took me to Mission Cliffs for my first rock climbing experience. source


Rock climbing Italy

rock climbing Italy Balze. source


YHA Adventure #7 – Rock Climbing

Scale new heights, see some breathtaking views and get a great workout – all of this when you try climbing. YHA has got some amazing locations which are … source


First person view rock climbing at Tirpentwys (Pontypool, SouthWest) – GoPro test video

Here a raw video of my GoPro mounted in my helmet. It is a bit dizzy, hehe, it is like a first person climbing simulator! I will try to edit all the videos that we took … source


Space City Rock Climbing

Climbing the big climbing wall in Pearland Texas with Stan and his daughter at Space City Rock Climbing. source


Rock Climbing / Bouldering gym – Southern Boulder, Adelaide, South Australia, Yoga, Slacklining

Bit of a Video of the various bits that go on here at southern boulder a rock climbing / bouldering gym set up on a vineyard near McLaren Vale just south of … source


Singha Park Climbing Wall Installation (TIME LAPSE)

Chiang Mai Rock Climbing Adventures (CMRCA) is a leading provider of rock climbing, caving and experiential education … source


Climbing Techniques: Using Different Types Of Climbing Holds

**Climbing is inherently dangerous. This video is not a substitution for personal instruction with a professional instructor or a … source


The Road To ROCfest – Climbing Video Contest

A short video for fun, from Rock Over Climbing in Manchester, to enter their ROCfest ’15 video competition. The time limit was 30seconds so not much room for … source

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