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CDT Section Hike – Part 2 (Silver City, NM to Doc Campbell's)

Check out my Full Gear List – – CDT Section Hike Gear List – -All Gear Lists- … source


Zpacks Bear Bag Kit Review

The Zpacks bear bagging kit includes a 14L dry sack and rock bag made from 1.43oz/sqyd, 50′ of slick zline and a mini carabiner. It’s proven to be a great asset … source


Ultralight & Ultra Quick Reviews – Superstition Gear Wind Pants

My quick review of my Superstition Gear Argon 90 wind pants. source


Solo Stretch In Washington (New Pack Update)

Gear Update Timestamps* Pack (Gossamer Gear Mariposa): 06:54 12:36 (wet pack) Minor Quilt update: 03:48 Shoes: 10:30 My PCT Fire Closure Gear List: … source


Thru Hiking With a Partner On the CDT

This is the 4th episode of the series I’ve been doing with plenty of my hiker friends, and this time I was lucky enough to catch up with my buddy, Merlin, who I met … source


How Not To Be A Jerk On Trail

00:00 Hey Y’all! 00:52 Leave No Trace 03:18 Think before you pee 04:14 Water Sources 05:32 When you’re walking 07:12 Music 08:39 Dogs 10:21 Shelters … source

1558110068_hqdefault.jpg Gear Review: the "Ray Way" Backpack

For the full review click here: Jeff Wilzbacher of reviews the Ray Way Backpack … source


CDT Section Hike Gear List

Check Out More Info on the Gear in this Video! —- ZPacks Arc Blast – EE Revelation 20 Quilt … source


Which Trail Should YOU Thru-hike First?

01:26 People 09:14 Navigation 14:00 Physical Challenge 16:29 Wildlife 18:39 Water 20:43 Weather 24:30 Fires 26:37 Little Victories 27:51 Views 29:41 Fear of … source


Q&A: Choosing new gear, origins of “homemade wanderlust”, scariest moment, new T-shirts, books, etc.

Full Q&A here: 01:43 Getting dog ready for backpacking 03:04 Calendar Triple Crown 04:18 Any advice for … source

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