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Hiking behind Snoqualmie Falls.

Went hiking the other day. Had to check out Snowqualmie falls in Washington. At first glance we thought there was no possible way to get even close to the … source


Why I Don’t Stress About Base Weight

Base Weight is a topic you’ll see backpackers talk about all the time, especially on the internet. While I believe it’s important to find ways to cut the weight of my … source


How I Afford To Thru-Hike

One of the most frequent questions I am asked is what do I do when I’m not hiking to afford to take 6 months off to thru-hike. Well, I’ve hike the Appalachian Trail … source


Ace and the Desert Dog – from Vasque Hiking Footwear

To find the footwear for your next adventure, visit Ace Kvale turned 60 last fall, and to celebrate, he planned a 60-day, off-trail backpacking trip … source


Todra Gorge, Morocco in 4K (Ultra HD)

Todra Gorge is a gorge/canyon on the east side of the High Atlas Mountains in Morocco. The mountain rises up to 160 m/(525 ft) above the road and the river in … source


Which Trail Should YOU Thru-hike First?

01:26 People 09:14 Navigation 14:00 Physical Challenge 16:29 Wildlife 18:39 Water 20:43 Weather 24:30 Fires 26:37 Little Victories 27:51 Views 29:41 Fear of … source


Q&A: Choosing new gear, origins of “homemade wanderlust”, scariest moment, new T-shirts, books, etc.

Full Q&A here: 01:43 Getting dog ready for backpacking 03:04 Calendar Triple Crown 04:18 Any advice for … source


Rock Climbing Eldorado 2 of 5 Loki Coats for Winter Climbing

Driven by the desire to climb the guys dont let the snow stop them from climbing in Eldo. source


Mail Drops and Bounce Boxes on the Appalachian Trail

I thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail in 2015 and aim to accomplish the PCT next year! I hope to encourage folks get out on the trail and enjoy nature. Thanks for … source


Episode 11: THE SAN JUANS

CDT 2018: The San Juan Mountains. Dixie continues to recover as she tries to push through the San Juan Mountains in Southern Colorado. CDT Gear List: … source

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